Friday 31 July 2015

Serial Killers: Wayne Boden


Number of victims: 4 

Date of murders: 1969 - 1971

Method of murder: Strangulation 

Location: Quebec / Alberta, Canada  

Dubbed the "Vampire Rapist," because of his habit of biting his victims breasts, Wayne Boden was a sexual sadist who sparked panic during a two-year killing spree in Montreal and Calgary, Canada. 

The first known victim was 20-year-old Shirley Audette, raped and strangled on October 3, 1969, her body dumped behind an apartment complex in West Montreal. Six weeks later, on November 23, Marielle Archambault left her job at a Montreal jewelry store with a young man she called "Bill." When she did not appear at work the next morning, her employer went to check on her and found her strangled to death. Like Shirley Audette, she had been raped and her body bore telltale bite marks.

On January 16, 1970, the killer struck again, murdering 24-year-old Jean Wray in her Montreal apartment. Then, with the city in uproar, he disappeared only to show up a year later and 2,500 miles away, in Calgary.

Elizabeth Pourteous, a teacher, was found raped and strangled in her apartment on May 18, 1971. According to friends, she had recently been dating a man named “Bill,” who when police tracked him down, turned out to be Wayne Boden. Boden denied killing Elizabeth, but his teeth were positively matched to the bite marks he’d left on her body. 

Convicted on four counts of murder, Boden was sentenced to four life terms. He died in prison on March 25, 2006

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