Wednesday 15 March 2017

American Monsters Volume 12

12 Shocking True Crime Stories of America’s Worst Serial Killers;

Roger Kibbe: Serial strangler who preyed on stranded female motorists along California’s I-5 freeway. 

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run: A still unidentified monster who carried out a series of mutilation murders in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Jane Toppan: A deeply disturbed nurse with a terrifying ambition - to kill more people than anyone else ever had.

Joseph Naso: When 69-year-old Joseph Naso was arrested for shoplifting, the police had no inkling of what they’d discover about his deadly past. 

Glennon Engleman: Dentist by day, hitman and murder-for-profit killer by night, Engleman was responsible for at least seven deaths.

Dana Sue Gray: The barely believable story of a female psychopath who killed so that she could treat herself to shopping sprees on her victims’ credit cards.   

John Muhammad & Lee Malvo: The Beltway snipers conducted a cross-country killing spree, ending with a deadly siege of the nation’s capital.

Ronald Dominique: Known as the Bayou Strangler, Dominique raped and murdered as many as 23 men in Houma, Louisiana. 

Joseph Paul Franklin: A racially motivated serial killer, Franklin targeted mixed race couples, ruthlessly gunning them down in a cross-country rampage.

Gerald Patrick Lewis: Obsessed by the girlfriend who had deserted him, Lewis took his revenge on women who resembled his lost love.

Lydia Sherman: A prolific poisoner who cold-bloodedly murdered husbands and children, claiming at least ten victims. 

Gary Alan Walker: Traveling serial killer who rampaged across Oklahoma in a spree of rape and murder that left five victims brutally slain.

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