Monday 13 May 2019

Dead Man Walking Volume 3

Some killers get away with murder. Others pay the ultimate price.

50 American killers who were put to death for their horrendous deeds, including;

Lois Nadean Smith: Known as ‘Mean Nadean’ Smith kicked, beat, and stabbed her son’s ex-girlfriend to death, laughing as she did it.

Donald Jones: Bludgeoned and stabbed his grandmother to death, blaming the murder on drugs.

Pedro Muniz: Dragged a 19-year-old student from a path and raped her, then beat her to death with a chunk of wood.

Paul Powell: Stabbed his teenaged neighbor to death for rejecting him and for having a black boyfriend.

Earle Dennison: Heartless killer who poisoned her two-year-old niece in order to cash in on an insurance policy.

William Kemmler: The first man to die in the electric chair. The execution was badly bungled, with the body bursting into flames.

Scott Allen Hain: Kidnapped and brutalized a young couple, then locked them in the trunk of their car and set the vehicle alight, burning them alive.

Gary Graham: Graham was just 17 years old when he carried out a seven-day rampage of robbery, rape and murder. Ninteen people were attacked and one died, sending Graham to death row.

James Filiaggi: Angered by his ex-wife’s decision to divorce him, Filiaggi tracked her down, chased her into a neighbor’s house and shot her in front of startled onlookers.

John Thanos: An incredibly callous killer, Thanos taunted the families of his three teenaged victims at his execution.

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Dead Men Walking Volume 3