Wednesday 8 February 2017

Murder Most Vile Volume 14

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Death in Small Doses: A good marriage gone bad, a wife’s slowly failing health. Is she being poisoned, and if so by who? The answer is far from straightforward.

The Wedding Crasher: A joyous day is turned into a night of pure terror when a killer comes calling.

The Case of the Flying Corpse: When body parts start washing up on the English coast, the police are left with a baffling puzzle to solve. The solution will leave them dumbfounded.

Terror at the Mall: Everyone thought Sylvia Seegrist was a harmless kook – until the day she showed up at the mall brandishing an assault rifle.

Killer Behind a Badge: Antoinette Frank should never have been accepted into the police force. Now she’s out on the streets, using her badge in a robbing and killing spree with her drug dealer boyfriend.

Hollywood Whodunnit: A beautiful model is found strangled to death in her home. But who killed her? The jilted boyfriend, the millionaire lover, or the 6-foot-tall female “enforcer?”

Murder in the Peace Corps: They called her the most beautiful girl in the Peace Corps. But beautiful women often attract unwanted admirers – and this one’s a killer.

Death by Corned Beef: When a marriage devolves into outright warfare, even a favorite meal can be used as a weapon.

Butcher Boys: Two roommates, working independently of each other, commit three of the bloodiest murders in Australian history.

The Mystery of the Murdered Wife: Only one man could have committed the murder, but he was miles away at the time. One of history’s most enduring murder mysteries.

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Murder Most Vile Volume14