Tuesday 14 June 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 10

18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including; 

Murder, He Wrote: It was the perfect crime, until the killer decided to write a novel, using his real M.O. for his fictional murder.

Run, Bambi, Run:
A young mother is found shot to death and the clues point to the unlikeliest of suspects – a gorgeous ex-cop and playboy bunny.

The Man Who Wrecked Trains:
The killer had one of the strangest sexual fixations you’ll ever encounter – he got his kicks derailing trains.

To Love and to Perish:
John Perry was tired of his young wife’s philandering. His solution? Kill her, cook her, feed her to the cat!

For the Love of Money:
Greed can be murder and Frederick Seddon is quite possibly the greediest scoundrel you’ll ever have the displeasure of meeting.

Damned by Evil:
A beautiful young girl gains an unwanted admirer, a snuff movie enthusiast with a taste for necrophilia.

Gods and Monsters:
A quartet of criminals takes control of a tiny Mexican village, sparking an orgy of sex, murder and human sacrifice.

The Family:
A family of hippies under the control of a murderous messiah, a series of crimes that shook America to its very roots.

Dinner for One:
The killer was a sous-chef at one of the best restaurants in town. His victim was dinner.

A Better Life Through Murder:
How far would you go to live the good life? As far as kidnapping? As far as murder?

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