Thursday 14 July 2016

Soviet Monsters

The lives and dreadful deeds of 22 Soviet Monsters, including; 

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: known as “Metal Fang” due to his unique dental work, Dzhumagaliev served up the flesh of his victims to his unsuspecting dinner guests.

Mikhail Popkov: police officer with a deadly sideline in murder and necrophilia, Popov inflicted unbelievably horrific mutilations on his victims.

Tamara Samsonova: 68-year-old female serial killer who mutilated her victims and may well have cannibalized their corpses.

Anatoly Onoprienko: a killer so brutal, so bloodthirsty, that the Ukrainian government mobilized an entire army unit to stop him.

Tamara Ivanyutina: a particularly malevolent individual, Ivanyutina killed anyone who offended her in even the slightest way, sending them to an agonizing death with her vial of thallium.

Andrei Chikatilo: the Soviet Union’s most fearsome serial killer. Chikatilo slaughtered at least 56 women and children, literally tearing them apart.

Irina Gaidamachuk: known as “Satan in a Skirt,” Gaidamachuk bludgeoned 17 elderly women to death, robbing them for money to buy vodka.

Vladimir Bratislav: inflicted such horrific mutilations on his 30 victims that the police refused to release the details, even after he was convicted.

Alexander Spesivtsev: Siberian cannibal who preyed on street children, slaughtering them in his filthy apartment and handing over their flesh to his mother to cook.

Sergei Ryakhovsky: a hulking killer known as the Hippopotamus, Ryakhovsky beat, knifed, and strangled his 19, mostly elderly, victims.

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