Monday 15 January 2018

Murder Most Vile Volume 19

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Time of Death: When a corpse gets caught up in fishing nets off the coast of southeast England, the only clue to the victim’s identity is the Rolex watch he’s wearing. Who is he and how did he die?

Desperate Housewives of Silicon Prairie: Bored housewife Candace though that her affair with her best friend’s husband was just harmless fun. She didn’t expect to end up on trial for her life.

East Side Story: Two of Manhattan’s brightest young things hook up in Central Park for a late night tryst. One of them ends up dead. An infamous case from New York City.

Murder at the Nunnery: When an elderly nun is raped and murdered in her bed, all clues point to an addle-brained teenager. But was Johnny Garrett put to death for a crime he didn’t commit?

Who Speaks for the Dead?: A fascinating glimpse into the world of forensic entomology, as science steps in to resolve an “uncrackable” double murder.

Keeping Up with the Joneses: When a divorce turns nasty, the Jones clan comes up with a novel way of resolving the custody issue. He can’t see his daughter if he’s dead!

War Machine: Everyone knew that Officer Woo was a fuse ready to blow. Few could have predicted the extent of the carnage he would cause.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: It was the perfect murder, cleverly conceived and expertly executed. But then the killer got greedy and decided to file a lawsuit against his victim’s estate.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 19

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol. 6

50 shocking true crime cases, including;

Charles Albright: Some people collect coins or stamps, Charles Albright collected eyeballs.

Paul Bateson: The depraved killer behind New York’s “Fag in a Bag” murders.

Anthony & Nathaniel Cook: Horrendously cruel siblings who terrorized Toledo, Ohio with a series of startlingly bloody murders.

William Gautney: A murderous tramp who rode the rails across America, snatching and killing children wherever he stopped off.

Vicky Dawn Jackson: Deadly nurse who turned a small Texas hospital into a house of death.
Richard Macek: The ‘Mad Biter’ savaged his victims with his teeth.

Joe Roy Metheny: Cannibal killer who claimed that he sold his victims’ flesh in 'pork sandwiches.’

Joseph Naso: This killer rapist enjoyed posing and photographing his victims’ corpses.

Gary Lee Schaefer:’Born-again Christian’ and diligent churchgoer, Schaefer was also the savage sex slayer of young girls.

Lesley Eugene Warren: A smooth-talking lady’s man with a taste for rape and murder.

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50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol. 6