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Murder Most Vile Vol 15, the latest chapter of the popular series has just been released and is  available for purchase - check it out here

Asian Monsters, featuring 26 terrifying serial killers from Asia and the Far East is also available on Amazon. Click here to check it out.

Other recent releases:

Twice As Deadly Vol. 1 - available here.
Twice As Deadly Vol. 2 - available here.
Murder Most Vile Vol 14: 18 Shocking True Murder Cases - available here.

Due for release in this month is the long awaited British Monsters Volume 4, featuring 20 new serial killer cases from the UK.

Other books in the works, in research, or somewhere on the back burner!

Murder Most Vile Volumes 16-20
Bundy: Portrait of a Serial Killer
Unhinged: The Story of Necrophile Killer Ed Gein (Kindle Single)
Deadly Women (series of 5 books)
Killer Kids (3 books)


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