Thursday 27 April 2017

Asian Monsters

The Shocking True Crime Stories of 28 Asian Serial Killers, including;

Tsutomu Miyazaki: Deeply disturbed Japanese serial killer who practiced cannibalism and necrophilia on his young victims.

Duan Guocheng: China’s lethal “Red Dress Killer” went on a murderous rampage and appeared to have a preference for women dressed in red.

Mohan Kumar: Indian Schoolteacher turned serial killer, Kumar preyed on young women, luring them with promises of marriage and then dispatching them with cyanide.
Yang Xinhai: One of China’s most vicious and prolific killers. Yang hacked 67 victims to death, using hammers, meat cleavers, axes and shovels.

Charles Sobhraj: A globetrotting serial killer with a flair for pulling off elaborate cons, he was also the brutal slayer of at least 12 people.

Saeed Hanaei: A rare Iranian serial killer who strangled 16 prostitutes and became a cult hero to fundamentalists in his country.

Javed Iqbal: Revenge-inspired Pakistani monster who vowed to murder 100 boys and gave himself up after he’d achieved his goal.

Futoshi Matsunaga: Horrendously cruel Japanese psychopath who, along with a female accomplice, tortured and murdered at least 7 people.

Verry Henyansyah: Wannabe Indonesian pop singer whose fiery temper and obsessive jealousy led him to murder and dismember 10 people.

Surender Koli & Moninder Singh Pandher: An Indian millionaire and his faithful manservant who preyed on the children of New Delhi.

Zhang Yongming: Chinese cannibal whose home was found to contain bags of human bones, chunks of pickled human flesh and a collection of eyeballs!

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Asian Monsters

Sunday 9 April 2017

Murder Most Vile Volume 15

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Scream: Two horror-obsessed teens set out to recreate a scene from their favorite movie. Their target? An innocent girl who thinks they’re her friends. 

Moon Madness: A little girl missing from a hospital ward, a frantic search by moonlight, a killer lurking in the shadows.

666: Deep in the Russian woods, a group of teenage Satanists are preparing for a ceremony, one that will come as a nasty shock to their newest recruits.

The Killer Online: The murky waters of Internet dating are said to hold plenty of fish. Unfortunately, there are sharks too.

Killing Mary: The victims had the same name and were murdered in the same city, within days of each other. Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

A Twist in the Plot: A budding author challenges his friends to come up with a plot for the perfect murder. He has no idea that one of them will take the task literally.

For My Sister: The police said it was a missing person case but Teresa was convinced that her twin sister had been murdered. Now all she had to do was prove it.

Death of a Fat Man: A brilliant detective is faced with a unique challenge - solving the murder of a man who everyone hated.

Lesbian Vampire Killers: Four young women cruising the darkened streets of Brisbane, Australia - looking for blood. 

Thirteen Steps: A disgruntled employee hatches a plan to get back at his former boss, with catastrophic results for an innocent little girl.

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Murder Most Vile Volume15