Saturday, 13 February 2021

Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 1


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

The Darkest Shade of Evil
: Two little girls go missing from the mall. What happens to them is beyond your most terrifying nightmares.

You’re History: The discovery of a human skull panics a killer into a confession. Perhaps he should have waited for the coroner’s report.

Cold-Blooded: Karen was the former wife of an American icon. But celebrity is no shield against a determined psychopath.

The Janitor: When a preteen girl goes missing from a school, suspicion falls on the one person all of the female students are wary of – the creepy janitor.

A Bullet for Your Broken Heart: Roy Joe had been dealt many tribulations in his life. None of them, though, was as bad as Carolyn.

The Other Ripper: For years, Joan was thought to be a victim of Britain’s most notorious slayer. Her killer turned out to be a different psychopath entirely.

Young Blood: Two teenagers meet up for a moonlight tryst in an abandoned building. One of them won’t make it out alive.

Neighborhood Monster: It was a simple errand, a quick run to the store in a safe neighborhood. It should not have cost a little girl her life.

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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 1

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Murder Most Vile Volume 32


18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Man She Thought She Knew: Sheila was growing increasingly suspicious of her husband’s cagey behavior. There are some secrets, you don’t want to know.

Somewhere in Middle America: A troubled teen with suicidal tendencies. He’s checking out of this life. But he’s not going alone.

Because He Said So: How far would you go to please your lover? As far as murder? As far as child murder? As far as your own child?

True Detective: The killer was clever; he was cunning; he was ruthlessly efficient. But he’d met his match in a brilliant detective.

Taken: Three young girls go missing from a small Spanish town in the middle of the night. What happened to them will shock the nation to its very core.

The Devil You Know: Luis was a good friend. He listened, he cared. He was also hiding lustful thoughts about Missy, thoughts that would soon become actions.

Over Your Dead Body: Rose was a sucker for a man in uniform. Unfortunately, her police officer boyfriend comes with baggage - a strange and terrifying family.

A Special Place in Hell: A precious little girl falls into the hands of a monster, the aunt who promised to take care of her and give her a better life.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 32

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Deadly Women Volume 10

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Elizabeth Brownrigg: She was a vicious sadist, a psychopath who inflicted horrible torture on the children in her care. This time, though, she’d gone too far.

Brittney Dwyer: Troubled teen Brittney is taking a road trip, at the end of which is her grandfather’s house, a reputed fortune, and a bloody murder.

Stacey Barker: The horrific story of a young mother, the baby she didn’t want and the terrible atrocity she’d commit to free herself of maternal responsibilities.

Stella Williamson: Stella had been the subject of gossip for decades. Now she’s dead and those rumors are about to be tested.

Elise Ledvina: Religious fanatic Elise has been hearing voices in her head. She believes that they are instructions from God – telling her to kill.

Rosie Alfaro: The family had shown her nothing but kindness. She repaid them by taking their most valued possession – the life of an innocent little girl.

Marguerite Fahmy: An Egyptian prince is murdered at a plush London hotel. The killer’s identity is not in question. But why did she do it?

Paula Sims: When Paula’s first child went missing everyone believed that the baby had been abducted. Second time around, the story was somewhat harder to swallow.

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Deadly Women Volume 10

Saturday, 14 November 2020

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol. 10

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Volume 10;

Eric Beishline: A smooth-talking insurance agent who targeted his elderly clients for murder.

Dennis Donahue: The killer did not take rejection well.Women who broke up with him invariably ended up dead.

Neal Falls: He was a prolific prostitute slayer, until an intended victim turned the tables on him.

Samuel Little: Recently captured, Little might just be America’s most prolific killer, with 93 suspected victims.

Pleasant Pruitt: Far from pleasant despite his name, Pruitt murdered three wives over petty disputes.

Stanley Rice: A sickening pedophile who raped and murdered at least five little boys.

Charles Severance: A man with a grudge against society, Severance gunned down three elderly victims without provocation.

Kenyon Tolerton: This brutal rape-slayer escaped justice for years, until he was eventually nailed by DNA.

James Turner: A devoted husband and father, Turner had a deadly sideline in financially-motivated murder.

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50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.10

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Murder Most Vile Volume 31


 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

Greenlight for Murder: He said he was a documentary filmmaker who needed two teen models for a location shoot. His real intentions were far more sinister.

Dark Obsession: When a young girl goes missing in broad daylight, suspicion soon falls on the unlikeliest of suspects – her beloved uncle.

The Dreadful Truth: The doctor had a gambling problem. His way out was to hand over his beautiful, young wife to a pair of killers.

Death at the Hilton: Three friends embark on the trip of a lifetime. It ends with a bloodbath inside a hotel room.

The Devil’s Work: Two teenaged girls on an ill-advised late night hitchhiking trip; two miscreants roaming the streets; a tragedy about to unfold.

Game of Death: An obsessive online gamer falls for a young woman he met in a chat room. How far will he go to win her heart? As far as murder?

The Widow and the Doctor: The menfolk of the Sparling clan are dropping like flies. Does it have anything to do with the new doctor who has arrived in town?

Say Goodbye: Theresa was determined to keep her children away from her estranged husband. If it meant that they all had to die, then so be it.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 31

Friday, 11 September 2020

Deadly Women Volume 9

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Betty Wilson: Murderous twin sisters, an affluent doctor and a cut-rate hitman combine in this tragic tale of a marriage gone bad.

Edith McAlinden: A petty argument turns into a bloodbath, leaving three men dead. Given the nature of the woman involved, it was hardly unexpected.

Wendi Andriano: Joe Andriano was dying of cancer and had just months to live. To his wife Wendi, that was too long.

Amy DeChant: When a Las Vegas bookie goes missing, his lover claims that he was abducted by mobsters. The clues, however, point elsewhere.

Dawn Silvernail: He was a bug-eyed loser who somehow seemed irresistible to certain women. They would do anything for him. Even kill.

Grete Beier: The face of an angel but the heart of a fiend. That was how they described Grete Beier. It was not unwarranted.

Della Sutorius: Della had been married and divorced four times when she met Dr. Darryl Sutorius. Perhaps the good doctor should have asked himself why.

Alice Mitchell: A steamy lesbian romance in 1890s Tennessee, a promise broken, a deadly revenge.

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Deadly Women Volume 9

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Dead Men Walking Volume 5

Some killers get away with murder. Others pay the ultimate price.

50 American killers who were put to death for their horrendous deeds, including;

Samuel Flippen: Executed for the brutal murder of his two-year-old stepdaughter. The child was beaten to death.

James Johnson: After a domestic disturbance, Johnson went on a rampage, killing three police officers and the wife of the police chief.

Kenneth Granviel: Raped and butchered five female members of the McClendon family, including a 2-year-old girl.

Marvallous Keene: The leader of a gang of miscreants, Keene led a three-day rampage over Christmas 1992, leaving eight people dead.

Alan Matheney: While serving a 2-year term for assaulting his ex-wife, Matheny was granted an 8-hour furlough. He used it to track down his ex and beat her to death.

Julius Young: Preacher who bludgeoned his girlfriend and her 6-year-old son to death after she ended their relationship.

Albert Clozza: Abducted a 13-year-old girl from a bookmobile. Raped and sodomized the child before beating her to death.

Marco Chapman: Hulking ex-con who attacked a friend of his girlfriend. The woman and her three young children all suffered multiple stab wounds.Two of the children died.

Teresa Lewis: Cheating wife who arranged the shotgun murders of her husband and stepson in order to cash in on an insurance policy.

Frederick Lashley: Habitual juvenile offender who murdered the only relative who would take him in, his 40-year-old cousin.

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Dead Men Walking Volume 5