Sunday, 13 August 2017

Murder Most Vile Volume 17

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Midnight Shift: The advertisement sounded too good to be true. And it was. Those who responded found themselves lured into the grasp of a serial killer.

A Doctorate in Death: Professor Amy Bishop was known around campus for her notoriously short fuse. Still, no one would have suspected that she’d pull a gun during a faculty meeting.

Secrets and Lies: A duplicitous redhead, a hapless, love-struck rancher and a handsome cowboy come together in this sordid tale of sex, deceit and murder.

The Girl in the Yellow Pajamas: How do you catch a killer when you can’t even put a name to the victim? A classic murder mystery from Australia.

Life After Death: The horrific tale of a woman who was prepared to go to any lengths to have a baby – including bloody murder.

Game, Set, and Murder: He was a Wimbledon finalist and the greatest Irish tennis player of his generation. So how did he end up embroiled in a bloody mutilation murder?

Eat Me: The advertisement called for a man who was prepared to be killed and then eaten. Amazingly, there were four applicants.

A Man Walks into a Bank…: The barely believable tale of a bank heist gone horribly wrong and the robber who, literally, lost his head.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 17

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Serial Killers: Lyda Ambrose

Born: 1891

Number of victims: 5

Date of murders: 1917 - 1920

Method of murder: Poisoning  

Location: Missouri / Idaho

Lyda Catherine Ambrose was born in 1891. Little is known about her childhood and upbringing. She first appears on our radar in 1917 when her fiancee died suddenly and in great pain and Lyda came into a $2,000 insurance policy, courtesy of his insurance policy.  

Hardly observing a decent period of grieving, Lyda next turned her attention to her fiancee's brother and married him within few days of his brother's death. Within three months he was dead, making his widow $2,500 richer.

Lyda moved next to Twin Falls, Idaho, where a restaurant owner fell for her charms. They married on June 10, 1918. Shortly after, the unfortunate man dropped dead dead from "stomach ulcers." Unfortunately for Lyda, she’d been negligent this time around. Her husband’s life policy had lapsed and she got nothing. 

She made no such mistake with victim number four. Just three months after the nuptials, the man dropped dead and Lyda collected $10,000 dollars on his policy. Her next victim was dispatched even faster. He survived just a month of being married to Lyda before he died in November 1920. A $12,00 policy had been taken out on his life just a month earlier.

But Lyda had pushed her luck to far this time. Once the police were made aware of her terrible luck with husbands, an investigation was launched. When a search of her home turned up large amount of arsenic-laced flypaper, exhumations were ordered and autopsies carried out on the victims. They were found to have died of arsenic poisoning.

Tried and found guilty of first degree murder, Lyda Ambrose was sentenced to life in prison. She escaped in 1931 but was recaptured a year later and eventually died behind bars.

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Bundy: Portrait of a Serial Killer

It is a question I am asked often, one that seemingly occupies the mind of just about every true crime reader I meet. Usually it is phrased something like this. “What makes a serial killer? What compels them to kill?” 

I have spent many years, decades even, puzzling over that same question. As far as I can tell it is a combination of genetics, environment and experiences, mashed together in countless different ways to produce its monstrous outcome. (I wrote an article on the subject which you can read here, if you’re interested: What Makes a Serial Killer?).

But even these findings, intended to distill my thoughts into a definitive answer, left me unfulfilled. There had to be something more, something I was missing. Gradually, I came to realize what it was. Only a psychopath can truly understand the thoughts and motives of another psychopath. These days, when people ask me “What makes a serial killer?” I tell them to study Ted Bundy.  

Theodore Robert Bundy was America’s ultimate bogeyman, the quintessential sex slayer, a demon in the guise of an ordinary man. But this was no hunched gargoyle, wild-eyed and foaming at the mouth to warn us of his bad intentions. This was a handsome, talented and articulate young man, an honors graduate for whom a bright future was predicted. This was a rising star in the Republican Party who might well have achieved his ambition of high political office. (President Bundy has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

Except Ted Bundy chose a different path, a path that would lead him into the darkest reaches of the human soul, a place where angels genuinely would fear to tread. He would not make that journey alone, at least 36 young women would make it with him, albeit unwillingly.

What is fascinating about the Bundy story is that there is a clear descent. The road to hell in this case has well-defined markers. Bundy went from being a habitual thief to being a chronic masturbator obsessed with porn. He then started making clumsy attempts at disabling women’s cars. From there it wasn’t a huge leap to stalking Co-Eds through the darkened streets around the University of Washington campus, to peeking into windows, to admitting to himself that his enjoyment at seeing their naked flesh was more than sexual, that his arousal relied on the idea of causing them harm.

That realization frightened him, terrified him so much that he swore off his nocturnal rambles and stayed off the streets for a full three months. But all the while, the tension was building. Like any addiction, this wasn’t one that could be overcome simply by wishing it away.

And so Bundy returned to wandering the alleyways and thoroughfares of his neighborhood, now numbing his senses with alcohol to ward off any prickling of conscience that he might encounter. Then came the night when he picked up a chunk of wood with the express intention of causing harm to the woman he was stalking. And then came the night when he followed through on that intent.

All of these steps happened by small degrees and if Bundy is to be believed, then the “normal Ted” fought the “entity” (as he dubbed his murderous alter-ego) every step of the way. I am not so sure. In fact, I reject categorically Bundy’s assertion that he tried to keep the “entity” in check. Such attempts would have been futile, in any case. Bundy was on a path that had only one destination. Eventually, he was going to cause harm to some unfortunate woman. Serious harm. On January 5, 1974, Bundy entered a student’s apartment and beat her senseless. Less than a month later, he spirited Lynda Ann Healy away into the night.

At first, murder was a matter of expedience, to eliminate the possibility of being caught, as Bundy put it. But Bundy quickly developed a taste for killing. He became obsessed with death. He invented ingenious ways of luring his victims and delighted in the thrill of the hunt. Possession was his aim, and what better way of possessing someone than by taking that person’s life. But Bundy didn’t stop there. He now entered a phase of accelerating depravity.

We know what Bundy did once he had a rapidly cooling corpse at his feet and we know what he did to the decomposing remains in the weeks that followed. We know because Bundy liked to talk. Many of those harrowing details were shared with authors Michaud and Aynesworth, with Dr. Robert Keppel, with FBI Special Agent William Hagmaier. Some are so extreme that the gentlemen in question refuse to divulge them, even to this day.

And so to the question I asked earlier, “What makes a serial killer?” and to the answer I suggested, “study Ted Bundy.” That Bundy was a psychopath is undoubted. That he was possessed of extremely aberrant sexual drives is also true. And yet, if there is any deviant who might have found a way out of the maze, it is he. The tools were all there – an above average intellect, a solid education, powerful contacts, good looks, the love of a beautiful, cultured and wealthy woman. Even these could not assuage the murderous compulsion fermenting in Bundy’s brain. They couldn’t because Bundy didn’t want them to.

In truth, Ted Bundy never stood a chance. His cravings were far too powerful, far too addictive. His was an alien brain, an insect brain. His thought patterns cannot be understood by comparison with those of a normal human being. Although the idea was once derided, many psychiatrists now believe that there are those among us who are born evil. Ted Bundy fits that mold. There is no possibility that he could have become anything other than the monster he became.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Murder Most Vile Volume 16

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Angry Betty: Divorce can be an ugly business, especially when one of those involved is a raging lunatic with serious anger management issues.

The Craigslist Killer: A brilliant medical student with a gambling addiction hits on a killer idea to clear his debts. Log in, pick a victim, execute.

The Town that Killed Ken McElroy: He was a bully, a pedophile, a cattle rustler, a petty thief and a womanizer. But, as Ken McElroy was to learn, you can only push people so far before they start pushing back.

Numbers: A schoolboy with an unusual hobby brings down a killer in this harrowing tale of child rape and murder.

The Most Hated Mom in America: What kind of a mother goes out partying while her two-year-old daughter is missing, presumed dead?

Nightmare in Suburbia: When is teenager’s mutilated corpse is found dumped on a suburban street the race is on to find her killer, a drug addict with suspected snuff movie links.

Going Postal: An angry and disgruntled postal worker, one customer complaint too many, a workplace massacre that shocked America.

A Starring Role in Murder: One of television’s most iconic fictional detectives finds himself on the other side of the law, charged with a brutal homicide.

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Murder Most Vile Volume16

Thursday, 11 May 2017

British Monsters Volume 4

The Shocking True Stories of 20 British Serial Killers, including;

Stephen Port: Gay serial killer who used the dating app Grindr to trawl for victims, who were then drugged, raped and dumped in a local churchyard.

Steven Grieveson: Known as the ‘Sunderland Strangler’ Grieveson murdered four teenaged boys in order to keep his homosexuality a secret.
Catherine Flannagan & Margaret Higgins: Malevolent Irish-born sisters who turned murder into a cottage industry in 1880’s Liverpool.
Colin Pitchfork: When two young girls are murdered in a tiny English village, the police turn to newly discovered DNA technology for an answer. But will they catch the killer before he strikes again?

Robert George Clements: A murderous Bluebeard with a taste for the high life, Dr. Clements sent four wives to their graves before he was exposed as a heartless killer.
Neville Heath: An inveterate liar and conman, Heath was also a sadistic reprobate who sent at least two young women to a horrific death.
Mary Wilson: A black widow with a twist, the elderly Wilson did not kill for money but rather to facilitate her quest to find true love.
Robert Maudsley: Known as Hannibal the Cannibal, Maudsley slaughtered four men – and ate the brains of one of his victims!

Colin Norris: Narcissistic gay nurse who murdered four of his elderly patients simply because they annoyed him.

John Scripps: A globe-trotting British serial killer who left a trail of mutilated bodies from Singapore to Mexico to Thailand.

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British Monsters

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Asian Monsters

The Shocking True Crime Stories of 28 Asian Serial Killers, including;

Tsutomu Miyazaki: Deeply disturbed Japanese serial killer who practiced cannibalism and necrophilia on his young victims.

Duan Guocheng: China’s lethal “Red Dress Killer” went on a murderous rampage and appeared to have a preference for women dressed in red.

Mohan Kumar: Indian Schoolteacher turned serial killer, Kumar preyed on young women, luring them with promises of marriage and then dispatching them with cyanide.
Yang Xinhai: One of China’s most vicious and prolific killers. Yang hacked 67 victims to death, using hammers, meat cleavers, axes and shovels.

Charles Sobhraj: A globetrotting serial killer with a flair for pulling off elaborate cons, he was also the brutal slayer of at least 12 people.

Saeed Hanaei: A rare Iranian serial killer who strangled 16 prostitutes and became a cult hero to fundamentalists in his country.

Javed Iqbal: Revenge-inspired Pakistani monster who vowed to murder 100 boys and gave himself up after he’d achieved his goal.

Futoshi Matsunaga: Horrendously cruel Japanese psychopath who, along with a female accomplice, tortured and murdered at least 7 people.

Verry Henyansyah: Wannabe Indonesian pop singer whose fiery temper and obsessive jealousy led him to murder and dismember 10 people.

Surender Koli & Moninder Singh Pandher: An Indian millionaire and his faithful manservant who preyed on the children of New Delhi.

Zhang Yongming: Chinese cannibal whose home was found to contain bags of human bones, chunks of pickled human flesh and a collection of eyeballs!

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Asian Monsters

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Murder Most Vile Volume 15

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Scream: Two horror-obsessed teens set out to recreate a scene from their favorite movie. Their target? An innocent girl who thinks they’re her friends. 

Moon Madness: A little girl missing from a hospital ward, a frantic search by moonlight, a killer lurking in the shadows.

666: Deep in the Russian woods, a group of teenage Satanists are preparing for a ceremony, one that will come as a nasty shock to their newest recruits.

The Killer Online: The murky waters of Internet dating are said to hold plenty of fish. Unfortunately, there are sharks too.

Killing Mary: The victims had the same name and were murdered in the same city, within days of each other. Coincidence? Or something more sinister?

A Twist in the Plot: A budding author challenges his friends to come up with a plot for the perfect murder. He has no idea that one of them will take the task literally.

For My Sister: The police said it was a missing person case but Teresa was convinced that her twin sister had been murdered. Now all she had to do was prove it.

Death of a Fat Man: A brilliant detective is faced with a unique challenge - solving the murder of a man who everyone hated.

Lesbian Vampire Killers: Four young women cruising the darkened streets of Brisbane, Australia - looking for blood. 

Thirteen Steps: A disgruntled employee hatches a plan to get back at his former boss, with catastrophic results for an innocent little girl.

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Murder Most Vile Volume15