Sunday, 13 January 2019

Murder Most Vile Volume 24

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Final Deployment: A naval officer falls gravely ill while on maneuvers in the Mediterranean. The reason for his mysterious illness almost defies belief.

For I Have Killed: Decades after a beauty queen is murdered, detectives finally piece together the identity of her killer, a man no one would have suspected.

Madman at the Mall: It was a typically bustling Saturday afternoon at the Strathfield Mall. Then a man entered… carrying an assault rifle.

Copycat Jack: The year was 1888 and London was being terrorized by a knife-wielding madman. Now a mutilated body has been found hundreds of miles away. Has the Ripper shifted his killing ground?

A Monster in Our Midst: A shopping cart stands near the garbage chute, dripping blood onto the paving. What’s inside those neatly packed bags?

Bad Rabbi: Meet Fred Neulander, a rabbi with a rather liberal take on living one’s life by the Ten Commandments.

I Love You to Death: The victim stood over 6-foot tall; the suspect was a petite 4-foot-11. Was it really possible that she’d hacked and beaten him to death?

Motive Unknown: A senseless double homicide leaves NYPD detectives baffled. They know who the killer is. They just don’t understand why he did it.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 24

Friday, 14 December 2018

Killer Kids Volume 3

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Daniel Bartlam: A boy with a horror obsession decides to act out his fantasies – using a claw hammer.

Jordan Brown: In 2008, Jordan Brown’s father bought him a shotgun for Christmas. Two months later, he used it to murder his stepmother.

Bryan & David Freeman: Bryan and David were skinhead, Nazi White Supremacists. Their parents were devout Christians. Something had to give.

Mary Bell: Someone is killing the children of Scotswood. Who could have guessed that the murderous strangler was a ten-year-old girl?

Roderrick Ferrell: Rod Ferrell claimed to be a 500-year-old vampire. The bloody murders he committed were certainly worthy of such a creature.

Sean Sellers: Abused as a child, Sellars took a horrific revenge on his mother and stepfather. But should a 16-year-old killer really end up on Death Row?

Graham Young: An introverted kid with an interest in poisons decides to try out his concoctions – on his own family.

Erin Caffey: Erin’s Bible-punching parents didn’t approve of her boyfriend. Her solution? Kill them in their sleep.

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Killer Kids Volume 3

Monday, 12 November 2018

Deadly Women Volume 5

18 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Darlene Gentry: A beautiful woman with a shopping obsession; a husband who could no longer foot the bill; a 22-caliber solution to the problem.

Angelina Rodriguez: Frank Rodriguez is dead and, despite indications to the contrary, his wife insists its murder. Why would she do that when it makes her the main suspect?

Mary Pearcey: The murders were so gruesome that some believed they were the work of Jack the Ripper. Could a woman really have done this?

Valerie Parashumti & Jessica Stasinowsky: A young lesbian couple obsessed with murder; a 16-year-old runaway who needs a place to stay. What’s the worst that could happen?

Bertha Gifford: Tireless “Good Samaritan” Bertha was always willing to help the sick and ailing in her community. But why were so many dying in her care?

Christiana Edmunds: An obsessive young woman seeks to eliminate a love rival. Poisoned chocolates and a strip of postage stamps are her weapons of choice. Anyone who gets in the way is just collateral damage.

Daniela Poggiali: Evil nurse Daniela not only murdered her patients, she took selfies with their corpses.

Stacey Castor: The chilling tale of a female psychopath who sent two husbands to an early grave and then tried to frame her own daughter for the murders.

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Deadly Women Volume 5

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Murder Most Vile Volume 23

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

The Preacher’s Wife: The murder of a beloved pastor shocks a small Tennessee town. The secrets that are revealed in its aftermath are more shocking still.

Love Kills: A homely accountant and a beautiful, aspiring actress tie the knot in an unlikely match-up. One of them won’t make it past the honeymoon.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace: The tiny beach community of Port Hueneme, California is rocked by a trio of brutal homicides. The police are convinced that a serial killer is responsible. They’re wrong.

Michigan Deliverance: Two buddies out on a drinking binge stumble into the wrong bar. Soon after, they disappear. Their fate is the stuff of horror movies.

And Never Let Her Go: A woman disappears from a busy city street in broad daylight, leaving the police with a seemingly unsolvable riddle to crack.

Dressed to Kill: Dr. Richard Sharpe had some odd kinks. Dressing up in his wife’s clothes was one of them. Another was stalking her with a hunting rifle.

Mr. Saturday Night: A serial killer is cruising the backroads of South Wales, trawling for victims. Saturday nights just got deadly.

Choke Hold: When a woman is found strangled the police are certain that one of the many men in her life did it. The killer turns out to be a far less likely suspect.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 23

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Serial Killers: Martha Needle

Born: April 9, 1863

Number of victims: 5    

Date of murders:1885 - 1894

Method of murder: Poisoning    

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Martha Needle was born in Morgan, Australia in 1863, and was raised in an abusive family beset by mental problems. Nonetheless, she grew up to be an attractive young woman with a kindly disposition. Married at 17 to Henry Needle, she moved to North Adelaide and over the next four years gave birth to three daughters, Mabel, Elsie, and May. In 1885, the family moved to the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. It was there that the trouble started.

First, little Mabel developed a mystery ailment and died after a short illness. Then, in October 1889, Henry became ill and also died. He was followed to the grave in short order by Elsie and May. Henry and his daughters had all been insured and Martha received payouts totaling more than £500, a considerable sum in those days. Most of it she lavished on an elaborate family memorial, which she visited often.

Now a widow, Martha let a house from Louis Juncken and his brother Otto and was soon involved in a passionate affair with the latter. They announced their engagement in 1891. When Louis objected to the union, he suddenly became ill, dying the following year of suspected typhoid.

In June 1894, Herman Juncken, another brother of Otto’s, became ill after eating a stew prepared by Martha. He eventually recovered but after another of Martha’s meals he again began vomiting and suffering violent stomach cramps. 

Suspicious, Herman consulted a doctor and tests detected traces of arsenic in his system. This was reported to the police and they decided to lay a trap. Herman again visited Martha and asked for a cup of tea. Rather than drinking the beverage, though, he carried it out of the house to a waiting police officer. Tests on the liquid turned up enough arsenic to kill five people.

Martha Needle was initially charged with attempted murder. Then the bodies of Louis Juncken, Henry Needle, and the three girls, were exhumed and found to contain lethal levels of arsenic. The charge was then upgraded to five counts of murder. Despite pleading not guilty at her trial, Needle was convicted and sentenced to death.

Martha Needle was hanged at the Old Melbourne Gaol on October 22, 1894. 

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Killer Kids Volume 2

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Justina Morley: Self-described as a “cold-blooded, death-worshiping bitch,” Justina had a lot to live up to. She succeeded admirably.

Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson: The killing spree was carried out with near military precision. Amazingly, the shooters were just 11 and 13 years old.

John Any Bird Bell: The victim was just 12 years old and had his throat cut from ear to ear. His killer was barely two years older.

Christian Fernandez: A toddler is rushed to the ER with horrific head injuries that he will not survive. But who is responsible? Surely it couldn’t be his 12-year-old brother?

Santre Sanchez Gayle: The barely believable story of a 15-year-old hitman and a murder caught on CCTV.

Sheila Eddy & Rachel Shoaf: Two 16-year-old girls decide to get rid of an unwanted friend in this disturbing tale of teenaged friendship gone horribly wrong.

Billy Flynn: Billy has a crush on his high school teacher. How far will he go to win her affection? As far as murder?

Harold Jones: Accused but then acquitted of a brutal child murder, Harold Jones was welcomed back into the village like a conquering hero. Two weeks later he killed again.

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Killer Kids Volume 2

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Murder Most Vile Volume 22

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

Over My Dead Body: The divorce was settled amicably in court; the custody dispute was settled with cold-blooded murder.

The Final Prank: A little girl is found raped and strangled. The identity of her killer will shock an entire community to its core.

If I Can’t Have You: If you love someone set them free, if they come back to you, they are yours forever… if they don’t, kill them.

The Body in the Suitcase: A suitcase is found by the roadside. Its contents will send investigators on a desperate hunt to catch a killer before he strikes again.

Murder at the Long Branch Saloon: A much-loved tavern owner disappears from his business in broad daylight, leaving the police with an apparently uncrackable case to solve.

Playing with Fire: Taylor was young and eager to experiment; Ben was older and happy to teach her. It was all fun and games until someone turned up dead.

The Seaside Murders: Four members of the same family are found hacked to death inside their home in a quiet beach community. But who killed them? And why?

A Cain and Abel Story: Its brother against brother in this convoluted tale of money, deceit, and murder for hire.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 22