Sunday 27 June 2021

Murder Most Vile Volume 35


18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Act of Murder: Daniel was short of cash and desperate. His solution? The cold-blooded murder of his neighbor – with some collateral damage thrown in.

Mr. & Mrs. Monster: A deeply depraved couple snatch an innocent 12-year-old from a suburban street. What happens next is beyond shocking.

The Sins of Essie Bible: Essie was a woman on a mission. She knew what she wanted out of life. Those who stood in her way tended to come to a bad end.

Mother’s Little Helpers: Paul was a monster and Marie wanted him gone, out of her life, preferably dead. She knew just who to recruit for the job.

The Pretty Girl Murders: An incredibly savage double homicide rocks a small town. The killer’s identity isn’t hard to figure out. He lives next door.

Life Sucks: An ill-conceived kidnapping plot goes horribly wrong for the bumbling abductors, with dreadful consequences for the victim.

Hero’s End: A former Green Beret, turned paramedic, lands a high-paying, dream job with a billionaire client in Monaco. What could possibly go wrong?

Death Lives Next Door: The murders spread panic throughout the apartment complex. A serial killer was at work here. And he might just be your neighbor.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 35

Sunday 6 June 2021

Deadly Women Volume 11

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Chelsea Richardson & Susan Toledano:
What do you do if your boyfriend’s parents don’t approve of you? If you’re Chelsea Richardson, you murder them.

Sarah Gonzales-McLinn:
Hal was 50, his teenaged lover, Sarah, was 17. She was also a dangerous psychopath, eager to find out what it was like to kill someone.

Vickie Frost:
When Rick met Vickie at a sales conference, it was love at first sight. No one told him that she was a control freak…or that she had a temper.

Morgan Smith:
Theirs was a slave/master relationship and Morgan liked it that way. When Daryl cut her loose, it broke her. Now she’s back…carrying a shotgun.

Donna Roberts:
Donna was a middle-aged, suburban matron until she suffered a head injury in an auto wreck. Now she’s picked up some bad habits.

Camellia Brown:
The office gossip was that Camellia was mentally unstable but Earl didn’t listen to gossip. Perhaps, in this case, he should have.

Kerry Bauer & Emma Last:
A trio of miscreants lure a young acquaintance out into the English countryside. What happens next is pure evil.

Misook Nowlin:
Cross-cultural relationships can be problematic, more so when the one you love turns out to be a sociopath.

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Deadly Women Volume 11