Saturday, 27 August 2022

Cold Cases Solved Volume 4


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

Evil Never Sleeps
: A sweet five-year-old is savagely assaulted and killed. Police are desperate to catch the monster who did this. Justice will be a slow burn.

A Walk in the Park: The killer thought that he’d gotten away with his savage act of mayhem. Unfortunately for him, he’d left behind one small clue.

All This Time: Edward was a grandfather, a churchgoer, a pillar of the community. He also had a former life… with some dark secrets.

Never Give Up: When a savage rape-slaying goes unsolved, it looks like a killer will get away with murder. Not if the victim’s sister can help it.

The Wish List: A talented, free-spirited artist meets a grisly end in her San Francisco apartment. Decades later, a very unlikely suspect emerges.

Letters to a Killer: The killer was sitting on death row, convicted of another crime. Why then, would he not confess to this one?

Barely Human: Lucille was a compassionate person, always willing to help a stranger in need. Sometimes your good deeds come back to hurt you.

The Secret Life of a Sociopath: He was a larger-than-life character whose story sounds like a Hollywood movie script. He was also a cold-hearted killer.

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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 4

Killer Kids Volume 10

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Ruby Thomas:
A man is beaten to death in broad daylight at one of London’s most popular tourist attractions. His killer? A teenaged beautician.

Nathaniel Berhow:
Today is Nathaniel Berhow’s 16th birthday. He’s celebrating it by bringing a gun to school.

Christian Romero:
Two men are shot to death at a suburban home. But who killed them? Surely it couldn’t be the householder’s 8-year-old son.

Ashleigh Dye:
A mother and daughter at odds over the girl’s choice of boyfriend; a conflict about to escalate into violence. One of them won’t survive.

Andrew Conley:
Some kids worship sporting icons or rock stars. Andrew’s hero was television’s favorite serial killer, Dexter.

Katrina Sarkissian:
A petty squabble at a house party escalates into a confrontation between teenaged girls. Both of them will end up dead.

Ove Andersson:
A cowboy-obsessed teen is ejected from a school dance. A short time later, he returns…with a gun.

Darren Huenemann:
Darren was in a hurry for his inheritance. Perhaps a pair of teenaged assassins can speed the process along.

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Killer Kids Volume 10

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Deadly Women Volume 13

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Alice Arden:
Alice wanted out of the marriage; Thomas was against a divorce. Never mind, there are other ways to rid oneself of an unwanted spouse.

Shirley Allen:
A deadly Black Widow, Allen sent three husbands to an early grave. Her weapons of choice? Arsenic-spiked Tylenol and anti-freeze.

Dorice “Dee Dee” Moore:
Abraham had never won a thing in his life until the day he landed a $30 million Lotto. But here’s the thing with that much money. It draws out the predators.

Shelly Arndt:
Opposites may attract but they can also repel. And when one of those involved is an abusive drunk, the warning signs are not to be ignored.

Rena Salmon:
When Rena’s marriage was falling apart, her best friend, Lorna, was a shoulder to cry on. Now Lorna is dating Rena’s ex and Rena is none too happy about it.

Betty Neumar:
A man is shot to death in an apparent robbery. Then detectives make a startling discovery. The grieving widow has been down this road before.

Lois Jurgens:
She was a prim, Catholic wife, house-proud to a fault. She was also a sadistic monster, who brutalized the unfortunate children in her care.

Lisa Segotta:
A cheating wife, a hen-pecked lover and a $750,000 insurance policy are the key ingredients in this real-life take on a classic film noir.

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Deadly Women Volume 13

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Murder Most Vile Volume 40


18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Needle and the Damage Done: A male nurse with a well-worked date-rape routine. It worked until it didn’t. Then someone ended up dead.

Rest Now, My Love: His daughter had been murdered. Andre Bamberski knew it and he wasn’t going to rest until her killer was brought to justice.

Behind Closed Doors: Lance was a multi-millionaire bachelor who enjoyed playing the field. This time, he’s hooked up with a psycho.

Black Flag: Poor and desperate, Jessie King struck on the idea of taking babies in for money. Her lover had a better idea. Kill the kids and pocket the cash.

Head Over Heels: Money and marital problems had driven Ken to the edge of despair. Then another piece of bad news arrived to tip him over the edge.

A Woman Scorned: Kaitlyn was a young woman with a unique philosophy in life. If you can’t be with the one you love, destroy what they hold dear.

In the Presence of Evil: What happens when the lies you tell paint you into a corner? If you’re James Keown, you kill the one you’ve been lying to.

The Monster in the Woods: It was to have been a glorious two-week camping trip. It culminated in the bloody slaughter of an entire family.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 40

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Serial Killers Unsolved Volume 2


18 Shocking Cases of Serial Killers Who Have Never Been Caught, including;

The Alphabet Murders: Three savage murders, one intriguing clue. This was a killer with a penchant for wordplay.

The Oakland County Child Killer: There’s a killer on the loose, targeting the most innocent of victims. In Oakland County, no child is safe.

The Vending Machine Killer: Stopping for a cold soda on a hot day should never get you killed. In this case, it just might.

The Thames Torso Murders: In the shadow of the Ripper, another killer stalks the streets of London, just as depraved and twice as lethal.

The Atlanta Lover's Lane Killer: Three young couples are attacked in their cars by a gun-wielding maniac. Making out just got deadly.

The Butcher of Mons: Plastic bags start showing up around the city of Mons. What they contain is the handiwork of a madman.

The Colonial Parkway Killer: It is scenic stretch of highway, dotted with historic sites. It also has a more nefarious claim to fame.

The West Mesa Bone Collector: The missing person cases had drawn little attention from the authorities. Then a mass grave was discovered.


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Serial Killers Unsolved Volume 2

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Murder Most Vile Volume 39


18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

Who Killed Baby Doe?: The pitiful remains of a murdered child wash up on a Boston beach. Who killed her and why?

Flesh and Blood: Karl Karlson had lived a life blighted by tragedy. People had a habit of dying around Karl, usually his heavily-insured nearest and dearest.

The Lady in the Lake: A woman’s body turns up at the bottom of a lake 20 years after she disappeared. All of the clues point to her husband. Did he do it?

Might Just Take Your Life: Meet Franklin Floyd, jailbird, bank robber, kidnapper, child molester, with a bit of serial murder thrown in for good measure.

Taxi to Chiswick: An American GI and his jailbait girlfriend cruising the streets of war-torn London, up to no good. There’ll be some blood spilled tonight.

Curtain Call: As an actress, she’d appeared on Britain’s most popular soap. But her most dramatic role was yet to come, that of murder victim.

Daughter of Darkness: Bill Mussack is missing. His daughter insists he’s gone camping. What then is that stench, coming from the crawlspace of his house?

The Perfect Murder: A marriage in trouble, an illicit affair; a convoluted plan. When you set out to commit the perfect murder, the devil’s in the details.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 39

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Killer Kids Volume 9

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Nicholas Browning: He was the golden boy of the family, who excelled at everything he did…even murder.

Eliza Wasni: An Uber driver is savagely stabbed and slashed to death. His killer? A teenaged girl with anger issues.

Armadeep Sada: He is the world’s youngest known serial killer. You won’t believe how young.

Tasmiyah & Jasmiyah Whitehead: A battle of wills between a mother and her twin daughters turns deadly in this tragic tale of familial discord.

Anton Woode: Three big city hunters encounter a 10-year-old in the Colorado wilderness. Someone ends up dead… and it isn’t the kid.

Roger Dale Strunk: A six-year-old child is abducted from her backyard, taken by a teenager who has long harbored lustful thoughts about her.

Hannah Ocuish: A tragic tale from a dark past. Hannah Ocuish was just twelve years old when she went to the gallows for murder.

Darwin Bagshaw: A teenaged girl is beaten to death and tossed into a river. The chief suspect is her 14-year-old boyfriend.

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Killer Kids Volume 9