Sunday 15 October 2023

Murder Most Vile Volume 45


18 Chilling true murder cases, including;

Persuasion: Everyone knew who shot Robert Breininger. His 10-year-old son, Corey, had confessed to the crime. But who put Corey up to it?

Satanic Panic: He’d been a soldier and a circus freak. Now Frank Costal is a high priest of Satan, ready to do the bidding of his dark lord.

The War Next Door: For years, neighbors Bob and Glen had been at each other’s throats, trading barbs and insults. Their cold war is about to turn hot.

Loser: James was the deadbeat of the family, the failure, the loser. Now, he’s ready to prove everyone wrong. He is good at something. He’s good at murder.

Cemetery Road: A serial killer is stalking the tiny Australian town of Bowraville. Three children are already dead. How many more have to die?

Home is Where the Hate Is: Hard to imagine that a man could do something like this to his wife, let alone his two innocent children.

Tennessee Twist: A teenage couple goes missing in Tennessee. No one has any clue what happened to them. Then body parts start showing up.

Once Bitten: A young woman is savagely murdered on the day she moves into her new house. It will be a while before police find her killer. He lives next door.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 45

Saturday 9 September 2023

Deadly Women Volume 15

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Ellie Nesler: A controversial case from Tuolumne County, California. Ellie Nesler was either an avenging angel or a dangerous vigilante. You decide.

Maryann Castorena: Jose thought that he’d found the love of his life in Maryann. What he’d really found was a gold-digger, a love-cheat, a cold-hearted killer.

Iva Kroeger: A truly repulsive individual, Kroeger made her living duping others out of their possessions. And when duping didn’t work, she resorted to murder.

Sarah Vercauteren: Heroin can lead its users down some dark corridors. In Sarah’s case it led her to matricide, the brutal murder of her own mother.

Sabah Khan: It’s sister against sister over the affections of a man who was hardly worth the trouble. One of them won’t survive.

Gaile Owens: Her husband was dead, beaten to a pulp inside their home. Could Gaile Owens – devout Christian and committed philanthropist – really be responsible?

Irene Maslin: Her neighbors called her a female Charlie Manson. The murder she and her followers committed was certainly worthy of that unflattering title.

Andrea Claire: A beautiful but emotionally damaged hooker marries one of her johns, a disabled man thirty years her senior with a taste for S & M. It doesn’t end well.

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Deadly Women Volume 15

Cold Cases Solved Volume 7


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

Lies, Damned Lies, and Murder: One was a wealthy retiree, the other a He was a huckster, a crook, a conman. Their meeting will have tragic consequences.

The Horror is Real: Horror movie enthusiastic Cindy takes a trip to the theater for a late screening of her favorite movie. There she encounters a real monster.

Crazy, Stupid Love: Feeling neglected by her husband, Mary Ann gets involved with a younger man. Problem is, he’s dangerously unstable.

Bitter Tears: A 19-year-old gives in to her cravings and makes a late-night snack run to the store. That puts her in the path of a killer.

A Wedding and a Funeral: Theirs was a romance that burned hot and heavy. The thing with that kind of attraction is that someone might get burned.

A Deal with the Devil: Fran has finally plucked up the courage to leave her abusive husband Ed. Now Ed’s shopping around…for an assassin.

Blabbermouth: As a teen, he’d committed a terrible crime; as an adult, he couldn’t stop bragging about it. Sometimes, a man’s got to know when to shut up.

Candy: A sweet little girl is murdered while selling candy door-to-door. Solving this terrible crime will take an incredible 62 years.


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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume  7

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Murder Most Vile Volume 44


18 Chilling true murder cases, including;
Thief of Joy
: A college student answers a Craigslist ad for a babysitter job and is never seen again. What happened to her is straight out of a horror movie.

The Wall: An eccentric old man dies, leaving behind a house full of bizarre keepsakes. There’s a particularly nasty secret in the cellar.

Murder by Consent: This was a serial killer with a unique motive. According to him, his victims had asked to be murdered.

On the Run: A cruel killer is sent to prison for the murder of his wife. One day, he simply walks through an unlocked door and disappears.

The Stone Frog: The ugly stone ornament sat by Leigh Ann’s bedside, a reminder, she said, of her husband – the husband who had disappeared.

Evil Comes to Good Heart: An entire family is butchered in their vacation home. A mild-mannered accountant commits suicide. Are the cases connected?

This is How it Happened: This was a murder that shocked the Cuban community of Florida, a murder played out in broad daylight, in front of a TV crew.

Ten Deadly Minutes: A pickup plows through the plate glass window of a popular diner during lunch hour. A man gets out. He has a gun in his hand.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 44

Thursday 29 June 2023

Killer Kids Volume 12

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Joe Clark: A young boy is abducted from his bed in the middle of the night. A year later, another child is missing. This time, there are clues.

Antonio Barbeau & Nathan Paape: Antonio wanted a quick score. He figured that his 76-year-old great-grandmother was an easy enough target.

Justin Robinson: A terrible murder in a small town, committed for the most flippant of reasons. The teenage killer wanted a little girl’s bicycle.

Aza Vidinhar: An argument over the TV remote results in the brutal slaughter of two boys, aged 10 and 4. The killer is their teen brother.

Samuel Vonachen: A woman and child are killed in a house fire. The police reckon it’s arson. The identity of the firestarter will leave everyone stunned.

Nathaniel Jouett: Angry at the world, a nerdy high school sophomore decides to take out his frustrations on the patrons of a local library.

Eldon Samuel: Eldon Sr. had trained his sons to take care of themselves, to survive any catastrophe. What happens when they start seeing him as a threat?

Matthew Fischer: A petty disagreement quickly escalates to angry text messages. Then it gets more serious. Knives are involved.

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Killer Kids Volume 12

Cold Cases Solved Volume 6


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

A Single Act of Evil: He was a churchgoing man, a perfect neighbor, a doting grandfather. He was also a rapist, a pedophile, a cold-blooded killer.

Written in Blood: Heidi was just four years old when her mother was murdered. She all grown up now and won’t let it rest until the killer is brought to justice.

Nightmares: For years, Margarita had kept a deadly secret. Then came the nightmares, compelling her to speak up. What she has to say is beyond shocking.

One Night in Ogden: The incredibly brutal murder of a 92-year-old woman leaves police desperate to catch her killer. DNA will unlock the mystery.

You Are My Sunshine: The town had not had a single murder in its history, not one. Then that proud record was shattered by an act of incredible savagery.

Before I Die: The murder had gone unsolved for a very long time. Then the killer had a life-changing medical diagnosis… and an attack of conscience.

Cop/Killer: He was a cop who abused his authority, a wife-beater, an abuser of animals. Janet thought she could walk away from him. She was wrong.

Sins of the Father: A 13-year-old is raped and strangled; her body discarded by the roadside. Her killer will be found close to home.


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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 6

Tuesday 7 March 2023

Deadly Women Volume 14

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Ellen Boehm: A uniquely evil monster, Boehm took out her petty grievances on the innocents she was supposed to protect, her own infant children.

Christina Walters: Christina wasn’t your average single mom, she was a gangbanger, eager for her first kill. Pity the unfortunate soul who crosses her path tonight.

Pamela Gourlay: An addict desperate for a fix comes knocking on her neighbor’s door in the middle of the night. In her pocket, she’s carrying a boning knife.

Kathleen Worrall: Sibling rivalry runs out of control in this frightening tale of familial disharmony and bloody murder.

Jeanne Harrington: A dispute over finances brings a married couple into conflict. It is resolved with a Taser and a spool of plastic wrap.

Raya & Sakina: The remarkable true story of Egypt’s most notorious serial killers, a pair of malicious sisters named Raya and Sakina.

Raynella Dossett Leath: The grieving widow claimed that her husband had taken his own life. But how many suicides shoot themselves three times?

Marlene Johnson: A possessive wife; an affair that never was; a life cut short in the name of pathological jealousy.

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Deadly Women Volume 14