Sunday 12 May 2024

Killer Kids Volume 14

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

John Christian: They were a class of exceptionally bright kids, led by the coolest teacher in school. Everyone loved Mr. Grayson. Well, perhaps not everyone.

Sarah White: There are two sides to the story. One paints Sarah White as a victim of abuse. The other paints her as a mass murderer. Both are true.

Colt Lundy & Paul Gingerich: Colt had taken one too many beatings at the hands of his stepfather. He was done with getting mad. Now he was getting even.

David Black: The boy liked carrying bullets in his pockets. He said he had a gun at home and knew how to use it. No one believed him. They should have.

Steven Miles: He was the odd kid in school, the weirdo, the outsider. Elizabeth was willing to give him a chance. Compassion will cost her everything.

Maxwell Morton: He claimed that it was an accident, that the gun went off in his hand. Why then did he pose for selfies with his victim instead of calling for help?

Miguel Cano: Michael liked to boast to friends that he was a serial killer who’d already claimed several victims. That was a lie. The victim count stood at one.

Dylan Schumaker: Two toddlers left in the unreliable care of a malevolent teen. One of them won’t make it through the night.

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Killer Kids Volume 14