Monday 11 May 2020

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.9

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard;

Thomas Bunday: After killing at least five women, Bunday committed suicide by riding his motorcycle into oncoming traffic.

John Crutchley: Geeky electronics whizz who liked to tie up his victims, cut them and drain their blood, which he’d later drink.

Frank Canonico: Offered an unusual motive for the murders he commited. He said that he only killed women who “treated him like a sex object.”

Charles Davis Jr.: Ambulance driver who called in the location of his victims’ bodies so that he could be dispatched to pick them up.

Ivan Hill: Trawled a 30-mile stretch of California State Route 60 looking for victims. Eight were murdered in just three months.

David Lucas: A Ripper-type killer, Lucas savagely stabbed and slashed his five victims to death. Currently on Death Row.

Charles Terry: A habitual sex offender, the 6’ 5” Terry has been linked by some experts to the Boston Strangler murders.

Danny Figueroa: A survivalist with a ‘Rambo’ obsession, Figueroa took to firing at strangers from sniper positions, killing four.

Wayne Garrison: A double murderer by the age of 14, Garrison served just four years of juvenile detention. Later in life, he would start killing again.

Bryan Jones: A psychopathic sex killer who had a habit of lighting his victims’ corpses on fire.

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50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.9