Monday 7 December 2015

Serial Killers: Peter Stubbe

Number of victims: 18    

Date of murders: 1568 - 1589 

Method of murder: Stabbing   

Location: Germany

Know as the “Werewolf of Bedburg,” Peter Stubbe was executed in Cologne, Germany in 1589 over a series of horrific murders. The belief was that Stubbe was a werewolf and had sold his soul to the devil. This was given credence by Stubbe’s own confession, although that confession was obtained under the most horrific torture. In it, Stubbe claimed that Satan had given him a magic belt that transformed him into a hungry and savage wolf when he wore it.

The accusations against Stubbe were that, between 1564 and 1589, he murdered 18 people, literally tearing them apart and consuming their flesh. Fourteen of the victims were children, and there were also two pregnant women, whose fetuses he allegedly ripped from their wombs and ate. Also among the dead was Stubbe’s own son whose brain he supposedly devoured.

Found guilty of these crimes, Stubbe was put to death on October 31, 1589, along with his daughter and mistress. The execution was every bit as gruesome as Stubbe’s alleged crimes. First he was tied to a wagon wheel; then flesh was torn from his body with red-hot pincers; then his limbs were broken with the blunt side of an axe before he was eventually beheaded. His head was later placed on a pole as a warning to other “werewolves.”

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