Saturday 31 October 2015

Serial Killers: Bible John

Number of victims: 3    

Date of murders: 1968 - 1969 

Method of murder: Strangulation   

Location: Glasgow, Scotland   

During the late 1960’s, a serial killer was stalking the women of Glasgow, Scotland, claiming the lives of three unfortunates within the span of 18 months. The man became know as Bible John, after an eyewitness reported seeing him in the company of one of the murdered women, sprouting off verses from the Good Book.

Bible John first announced his presence on February 23, 1968, when the naked body of 25-year-old nurse Patricia Docker was found just yards from her home in Langside Place, Glasgow. Patricia been seen dancing at the Majestic Ballroom the previous evening. She had been raped and strangled. 

On Friday, August 1969, Jemima McDonald, 32, went for a night out at the Barrowland Ballroom and never returned. Her strangled, raped and badly beaten body was found the next morning. Then, on October 31, 1969, another woman, 29-year-old Helen Puttock, was murdered after an evening at the Barrowland. According to her sister, she’d spent most of the evening dancing with a man named John.

A massive hunt was launched for the elusive killer but despite their best efforts, and several promising clues, the police came up empty. Over the years, hopes have been raised by potential DNA matches, but each time these have proved fruitless.

The Bible John case remains unsolved. 

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Serial Killers: Carroll Cole

Born: May 9, 1938 

Number of victims: 15    

Date of murders: 1971 - 1980

Method of murder: Strangulation   

Location:  Iowa / California / Nevada / Texas / Wyoming / Oklahoma 

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Carroll Cole had a troubled childhood during which he was frequently abused by his mother. He was also forced to accompany her when she went to hotels to “entertain” men. This left him with a simmering hatred towards women, one that would eventually lead him to serial murder.

Before that happened though, Cole had an early initiation into homicide. Aged just 10, he  drowned a young friend in a lake. Cole would later say it was because the boy had teased him about his “girly” name. The death was ruled accidental until Cole confessed to it many years later.

As an adult, Cole ranged far and wide committing murders in California, Nevada, Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. At least 15 women fell victim to the “Barfly Strangler,” so named because he was a habitual drunk and often picked up "loose women" in bars. Many of these women he left unharmed, killing only those who reminded him of his mother. One of his victims was reportedly cannibalized. 

Eventually tried and sentenced to life imprisonment in Texas, Cole voluntarily agreed to be extradited to Nevada where he knew he might face the death penalty. He said that he wanted to die and the judge was happy to grant his request. 

He was executed by lethal injection on December 6, 1985.

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Thursday 29 October 2015

Serial Killer Video: Patrick MacKay

One of Britain’s most vicious serial killers, Patrick Mackay stabbed and bludgeoned at least eleven people to death between 1973 and 1975. His victims included an 89-year-old woman and a Catholic priest.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Serial Killers: Charles Sobhraj

Born: April 6, 1944 

Number of victims:  10+  

Date of murders: 1975 - 1976

Method of murder: Poisoning / Drowning / Strangulation   

Location: Thailand / Nepal / India / Malaysia  

A serial killer and conman known variously as “The Serpent” and “The Bikini Killer,” Charles Sobhraj preyed on western tourists throughout Southeast Asia during the 1970s, claiming as many as 12 victims.

Born to Indian and Vietnamese parents, Sobhraj was raised in Paris, France where he began his lengthy criminal career. His motives differed somewhat from that of other serial killers in that he was primarily motivated by money, in order to maintain his lavish lifestyle. To this extent, Sobhraj assembled a criminal gang that included two former police officers. Unfortunately for him, it was these two former officers who turned him in.

Prosecuted in India, Sobhraj was sent to one of the country’s toughest prisons. But even there the silver-tongued killer used his influence and money to live a life of luxury. Eventually released after 12 years, he returned to Paris, where he became a media darling and made a small fortune selling book and movie rights to his life story.

But then Sobhraj did something inexplicable. He returned to Nepal, where there was a warrant out for his arrest for the murder of two Canadian tourists. Arrested, tried and found guilty he was sentenced to life imprisonment on August 12, 2004.

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Monday 26 October 2015

Serial Killers: Gary Taylor

Born: 1936  

Number of victims: 4 - 20     

Date of murders: 1972 - 1975

Method of murder: Bludgeoning / Shooting   

Location:  Michigan / Texas / Washington   

Born in Michigan in 1936, Gary Taylor launched his campaign of terror against women while still in his teens. His standard M.O. was to loiter around bus stops with a hammer, attacking any woman he encountered.

The hammer attacks earned Taylor a period in juvenile detention. On his release, he refined his method, acquiring a gun and shooting women he found on the streets after dark. None of his intended victims died, but Taylor was soon identified as the “Royal Oak Sniper,” and sent to a psychiatric hospital. Over the years that followed, he’d be shuttled from one facility to another.

In 1973, the authorities took the ill-advised step of setting Taylor free. As a condition of his release he was required to report in regularly for treatment and medication. However, he quickly dropped out of sight. 

In November 1974, Taylor was traced to Onsted, Michigan. By the time officers arrived at his address, Taylor was long gone, although forensic teams did find two corpses buried in the garden. By then Taylor was in Seattle where on November 27, he abducted and killed housewife, Vonnie Stuth. A short while later, he was arrested in Enumclaw, Washington, but the police did not realize he was a fugitive and let him go. 

On May 20, 1975, Taylor was rearrested in Houston, Texas on a sexual assault charge. Under interrogation, he confessed to four murders, the latest being 21-year-old Susan Jackson of Houston. 

Taylor was eventually sentenced to life in prison. He is suspected in at least 20 unsolved homicides. 

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Sunday 25 October 2015

Serial Killers: Peter Woodcock

Born: March 5, 1939 

Number of victims:  4   

Date of murders: 1956 - 57 / 1991

Method of murder: Stabbing  

Location: Toronto, Canada  

Peter Woodcock was just 17 years old when he committed his first murder. The victim was 7-year-old Wayne Mallette, who Woodcock found wandering the grounds of the deserted Toronto Exhibition grounds on September 15, 1956. Mallette was stabbed to death, his body found the next day. But Woodcock was never suspected. Another teenager was charged with the murder, leaving Woodcock free to kill again. He did so less that a month later, luring 9-year-old Gary Morris to an industrial area at Cherry Beach and stabbing him to death.

On January 19, 1957, Woodcock approached two children and offered one of them, 4-year-old 
Carole Voyce, a ride on his bike. Carole’s mutilated body was found in a ravine under the Prince Edward Viaduct the next day. Descriptions of a teenager seen riding a red bicycle with Carole sitting on the handlebars led the police to Woodcock.

Found legally insane at his trial Woodcock was sent to Oak Ridge, an Ontario psychiatric facility. On July 13, 1991, he and former Oak Ridge patient, Bruce Hamill, hacked and stabbed another patient, Dennis Kerr, to death.

Woodcock was subsequently ordered to be detained at Oak Ridge for life. He died there on March 5, 2010.

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Saturday 24 October 2015

Serial Killers: Thomas Piper

Born: 1849  

Number of victims:  4   

Date of murders: 1873 - 1875

Method of murder: Bludgeoning   

Location: Massachusetts  

Thomas Piper was the well-respected sexton at the Warren Avenue Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. He was also a depraved sex slayer, prowling the streets after dark in his black opera cloak, looking for young girls to attack. 

The first victim to fall prey to the killer was Bridget Landregan, attacked as she walked past a stand of dense bush on the night of December 5, 1873. Piper bludgeoned the young woman to death, and then tried to have sex with the corpse but was scared off by a passing couple. That same night he attacked another girl, although this time the victim survived.

Piper’s next two targets, however, would not be so lucky. His modus operandi remained the same, springing from cover to launch a surprise attack on the young victim, who he bludgeoned to death with a blunt object.

With the city now in uproar, the police launched a massive manhunt for the fiend. However, it would take a slip by the killer himself to eventually bring him to justice.

Five-year-old Mabel Hood Young was the daughter of a parishioner at Piper’s church. After her raped and beaten corpse was found hidden in the belfry of the building, Piper immediately fell under suspicion, as he had been seen with the girl shortly before she disappeared.

Once in custody, Piper quickly confessed to four murders, although he later retracted his confession only to admit it again on the gallows. He was executed by hanging on May 26, 1876. 

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Friday 23 October 2015

Serial Killers: Ondrej Rigo

Born: 1955 

Number of victims: 9    

Date of murders: 1990 - 1992

Method of murder: Bludgeoning   

Location: Germany / Holland / Slovakia  

Known as the “International Killer,” Ondrej Rigo committed murders across Germany, the Netherlands and his native Slovakia. Nine victims in all would fall prey to this heartless killer, all of them bludgeoned to death with metal bars, clubs, or whatever their killer could lay his hands on.

Rigo’s first two murders were committed in Munich, Germany in June and August 1990, when he beat two women to death in their own apartments. Then with the heat on and the police closing in on him, he moved to live with his sister in Amsterdam, committing another murder while in that city. 

The day after committing the Amsterdam murder, Rigo fled back to his native Bratislava, where, on October 9, 1990, he murdered an 88-year-old woman at an old age home. He would commit five more murders in the city over the next 18 months, his female victims ranging in age from 14 to 79.

Rigo was arrested by the Slovak police on March 4, 1992, just hours after committing his last murder. DNA and forensic evidence strongly tied him to the murder scenes resulting in his conviction. He was sentenced to life in prison.

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Thursday 22 October 2015

Confessions Of A Cannibal

 The shocking true account of one of the most sickening murders in the annals of American crime.

On a drab, humid day in June 1928, a frail looking old man called at the Manhattan apartment of Albert and Delia Budd and persuaded them to allow their ten-year-old daughter to accompany him to a children’s party. 

What followed was one of the most sensational murder cases in American history, a crime that shocked, disgusted and enthralled an entire nation.

Follow the paths of a horrendously depraved killer and the relentless detective who dedicated six years of his life to tracking him down. 

Get inside the courtroom for one of the trials of the century. Revisit the crime scenes and hear from the psychiatrists who examined this human monster. And finally, read the barely believable confessions of one of the most perverted individuals ever to walk this earth.

WARNING: Confessions Of A Cannibal will shock you to the core. 
This no holds barred account is not for the fainthearted.

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Confessions Of A Cannibal

Serial Killer Video: John Joubert

Known as the Nebraska Boy Snatcher, Joubert claimed at least three young victims, stabbing and slashing them to death.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Serial Killers: Andre Rand

Born: March 11, 1944

Number of victims: 4+     

Date of murders: 1972 - 1987

Method of murder: Strangulation    

Location: New York   

Known as the “Pied Piper of Staten Island,” Andre Rand was a deadly pedophile who murdered at least four young girls between 1972 and 1987. 

Rand logged his first prison time in May 1969, when he was arrested for the kidnapping and attempted rape a nine-year-old girl. He entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge and served just 16 months in prison. He was paroled in January 1972. Soon after, children started going missing.

The first of those was five-year-old Alice Pereira, who vanished from a Staten Island apartment block where Rand was working as a painter in 1972. Rand was questioned regarding the disappearance but released due to lack of evidence. Nine years later, in July 1981, Rand was again a suspect when seven-year-old Holly Hughes disappeared. Again there was insufficient evidence to make a charge stick. The same was true when ten-year-old Tiahese Jackson vanished in August 1983.

However, there was evidence linking Rand to the 1983 disappearance of 12-year-old Jennifer Schweiger. Jennifer, who suffered from Down's Syndrome, was found buried in a shallow grave, just feet from a shack where Rand had been living. Charged with Jennifer Schweiger’s murder, Rand was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years to life.

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Tuesday 20 October 2015

Serial Killers: Paul Ogorzow

Born: September 29, 1912

Number of victims: 7+    

Date of murders: 1940 - 1941

Method of murder: Stabbing / Bludgeoning   

Location: Berlin, Germany  

The year was 1939 and the whole of Europe was engulfed in a devastating war. In Berlin, however, life continued almost as normal. Germany still had the upper hand at this stage and the capital’s residents had very little to worry about. Then an unexpected threat appeared, a sexual sadist who began preying on woman riding the S Bahn around Rummelsburg.

Between 1939 and 1941, the fiend killed at least seven women, raping them before beating them to death with a length of lead cable. The Berlin police were sure that the killer was a foreign worker, most probably a Jew, so they were surprised when they eventually made an arrest in 1941. The S-Bahn killer was a 28-year-old railway worker and loyal Nazi party member named Paul Ogorzow.

That allegiance, however, counted for nothing when Ogorzow was tried for murder. After a trial that lasted just a single afternoon, he was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was executed by a firing squad on July 26, 1941.

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Monday 19 October 2015

Serial Killers: Joe Ball

Born: January 7, 1896

Number of victims: 5+   

Date of murders: 1936 - 1938

Method of murder: Shooting    

Location:  Texas 

Joe Ball ran a tavern in Elmendorf, Texas during the 1930’s. Known as the Sociable Inn, the establishments was distinguished by the pit full of alligators the owner had out back. It was also famous for the pretty waitresses who worked there, although they seldom seemed to hang around very long. 

In September 1937, one of those waitresses, Minnie Gotthardt, was reported missing by her relatives. Questioned about the 22-year-old’s sudden disappearance, Ball claimed that she’d left for a better job. Then another of Ball’s waitresses, Julia Turner, went missing. Once again, the innkeeper claimed she had left for another job, although this time the story roused suspicion as Turner had left all of her clothes behind. 

After two more women vanished from the Sociable Inn, the Texas Rangers began looking into the case. They soon discovered that twelve young woman who had worked for Ball appeared to have vanished off the face of the earth.

Ball, however, continued to protest his innocence, so investigators turned their attention to one of his employers, a handyman. Under intense interrogation, the man eventually admitted that he had helped Ball dispose of several female bodies by feeding them to the alligators.

On September 24, 1938, Rangers arrived at the Sociable Inn to arrest Ball. Realizing that the game was up, the killer drew a gun and shot himself in the head. 

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Sunday 18 October 2015

Serial Killers: Clarence Walker

Born: February 25, 1929 

Number of victims: 15   

Date of murders: 1944 - 1965

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing   

Location: Tennessee / Ohio / Michigan / llinois / Indiana  

A native of Tennessee, Clarence Walker served his first prison time at the age of just 14, when he was convicted of manslaughter. After his release, he began traveling the country, supporting himself through petty crime and serving two more prison terms. What the authorities didn’t realise was that Walker was a serial killer, responsible for at least 14 murders across five states between 1951 and 1965. 

Walker was eventually arrested in Chicago in June 1965, after the most prolific killing spree of his criminal career. On February 6, 1965, 37-year-old Mary Jones disappeared after drinking at a bar in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Nine days later, Delores Young, 19, was kidnapped off the street in the same town. Her naked body found in a burned-out house days later. Sixty-year-old Amelia Boyer was next, abducted from a laundromat in March 1965. Days later, seven-year-old Diane Carter disappeared. Her mutilated remains were found on April 4, together with those of Jones and Boyer.

Police eventually got a lead on a man named “James Darnell,” an alias used by Walker. After his arrest, he clammed up, and with limited evidence prosecutors were not able to try him for the murders. He was eventually sentenced to 320 years for attempted murder, rape, and robbery. Authorities in five states subsequently closed the files on 14 murders, convinced that their suspect was in custody.

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Saturday 17 October 2015

Serial Killers: Eric Edgar Cooke

Born: February 25, 1931 

Number of victims: 8    

Date of murders: 1959 - 1963

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing / Strangulation    

Location:  Perth, Australia

Known as the “Night Caller,” Edgar Eric Cooke terrorised the city of Perth, Western Australia between 1959 and 1963, committing eight horrific murders. Unlike most serial killers, Cooke did not have a favored method of murder, nor a preferred victim type. He killed young and old, male and female. Victims were shot, stabbed and strangled. Some were run down with a car.

Although he committed his first murder in 1959, it was in January 1963 that the broader public first became aware of the killer in their midst. In the early morning hours of January 27, he carried out a deadly shooting spree, killing three people and wounding two. 

Weeks later he strangled 24-year-old social worker Constance Madrill to death in her apartment. Several months later, on August 18, he struck again, shooting 18-year-old babysitter Shirley McLeod to death at Dalkeith.

Cooke was arrested less than a month later, on September 2, when he tried to recover a rifle he had hidden in bushes in Mount Pleasant. Police had been tipped off by an elderly couple who had seen him hide the weapon there. In custody, he confessed to eight murders, including that of hit-and-run victim Rosemary Anderson, 17, and heiress, Jillian Brewer.

Convicted and sentenced to death Cooke was executed by hanging at Fremantle Prison on October 26, 1964. 

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Friday 16 October 2015

Serial Killers: Tillie Klimek

Born: 1876 

Number of victims: 6+     

Date of murders: 1914-1921

Method of murder: Poisoning   

Location: Illinois  

A self proclaimed psychic, Tillie Klimek came to the United States from her native Poland as an infant. In 1892, aged just 16, she married her first husband, John Mitkiewicz. He died in 1914, after a short illness, whereupon Tillie married Joseph Ruskowski. He died soon after. So too did a boyfriend who had jilted Tillie.

Klimek’s reputation as a psychic first came to the fore with the death of her third husband, Frank Kupzsyk. After Frank became ill, Tillie began announcing to friends and neighbors that he “would not live long.” So it proved. Frank died in agony as Tillie sat beside his bed knitting her funeral bonnet. 

In 1921, Tillie married Joseph Klimek and true to form he soon became ill. Doctors suspected arsenic poisoning, and tests proved that they were right. Tillie was arrested and exhumation orders were issued for her previous spouses. All proved to contain lethal doses of arsenic. But that was not the full extent of her killing spree. Fourteen friends and relatives had died under suspicious circumstances after eating meals prepared by Klimek. Many others had become seriously ill.

Klimek would eventually be tried and convicted of the murder of Frank Kupzsyk, her third husband. She was sentenced to life in prison and died there on November 20, 1936.

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Thursday 15 October 2015

Serial Killers: Benjamin Atkins

Born: August 26, 1968 

Number of victims:  11   

Date of murders: 1991 - 1992

Method of murder: Strangulation  

Location:  Detroit, Michigan 

Known as the “Woodward Corridor Killer,” Benjamin Atkins was a highly prolific serial killer, who killed 11 women in just 9 months between December 1991 and August 1992.The AIDS infected sex slayer targeted crack addicted prostitutes, who he lured to vacant buildings with the offer of drugs for sex. Once there, the burly Atkins would overpower and rape the women, before strangling them to death. 

Like many serial killers, Atkins was only caught after one of his victims managed to escape. In custody, he initially denied the charges, claiming he was homosexual and therefore had no interest in women. Eventually, however, he broke down and confessed, saying he hated prostitutes because his mother had been one and had forced him to watch her engaging in sex acts with men when he was a child.

Atkins was sentenced to eleven life sentences. He died of AIDS just four years into that jail term. 

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Wednesday 14 October 2015

British Monsters Volume 3

15 Shocking Tales of Britain’s Worst Serial Killers, including;

Peter Moore: A mommy’s boy who was obsessed with the character Jason Voorhees, from the Friday the 13th movies, Moore decided to launch a murder campaign of his own.

Phillip Smith: A hulking killer known as “Bigfoot,” Smith beat his petite female victims to death with his bare hands.

Colin Ireland: After developing a morbid interest in serial killers, Ireland made a New Year’s resolution to become one. Five men would die horrendous deaths to furnish his ambition.

Gordon Cummins: It was 1942 and London was suffering under the German bombardment known as the Blitz. Then a new threat emerged, a deadly psychopath known as the “Blackout Ripper.”

Catherine Wilson: This Victorian poisoner might well have gotten away with four murders, had she not decided to change her venom of choice – to sulphuric acid!

Kieran Kelly: A deadly tramp, Kelly employed a unique method of murder, pushing people under tube trains.

Joanna Dennehy: Mother-of-two Dennehy embarked on a campaign of apparently motiveless murders, stabbing and slashing three men to death.

Stephen Griffiths: A PhD student with a taste for murder, Griffiths killed his victims with a crossbow, then ate their flesh.

John Bodkin Adams: Dr. Adams’ patients had a peculiar habit of dying of unexplained ailments, usually after bequeathing their possessions to him.

Levi Bellfield: The “Bus Stop Killer” prowled the streets of West London, hunting for lone women, who he bludgeoned to death with a hammer.

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British Monsters Volume Three

Serial Killer Video: Herb Baumeister

A deadly strangler of gay men, Herb Baumeister claimed as many as 16 victims in Indianapolis between 1980 and 1996, discarding their burnt and dismembered bodies at his "boneyard."  

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Serial Killers: John Eric Armstrong

Born:  November 23, 1973

Number of victims: 18     

Date of murders: 1992 - 1999

Method of murder: Strangulation    

Location: Michigan / Illinois   

A former sailor who served aboard the USS Nimitz, John Eric Armstrong was also a prolific serial killer, targeting prostitutes in his hometown of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, as well as in his many ports of call around the world.

Armstrong first came to police attention in February 2000, when the bodies of three prostitutes - Rose Marie Felt, Kelly Hood and Robbin Brown - were found in a railroad yard in southwest Detroit. Those deaths were soon linked to two other prostitute murders in nearby Dearborn Heights. Monica Johnson had been found beaten unconscious on December 3, 1999 and died that same day. Wendy Jordan was found strangled to death in the icy Rouge River on January 2, 2000. Investigations into the crimes led policed to John Armstrong and he was arrested on April 12.

Once in custody, Armstrong confessed to the five murders, as well as 11 more committed in ports around the world. While many of those could not be verified, Armstrong was convicted of the five Detroit-area killings and sentenced to life in prison. 

Read the full, horrific story of John Eric Armstrong, plus 11 more serial killer cases in 
  American Monsters Volume 10.  Available now on Amazon

Monday 12 October 2015

Serial Killers: Mikhail Popkov

Born: March 7, 1964  

Number of victims: 29+    

Date of murders: 1992 - 2000

Method of murder: Stabbing / Bludgeoning / Strangulation    

Location: Angarsk, Russia  

A cop who was also a serial killer, Mikhail Popkov took to murder in 1992, when he started cruising the streets of Angarsk, Russia late at night looking for intoxicated women. He would then pull over his patrol car and offer the woman a lift, something that was rarely refused since he was a police officer. Popkov would then drive the victim into the forest where he would rape her before stabbing, axing and strangling her to death. He also committed postmortem mutilation and necrophilia.

During to course of the investigation, one of the victims who survived actually pointed Popkov out as her attacker. However, Popkov's wife provided him with an alibi and investigators chose to believe one of their own. It was only years later, after he’d left the force, that he would be looked at again as a suspect.

By then, a new investigative team was in charge of the case and they decided to revisit the police officer angle. All cops from Angarsk, both past and present, were asked to submit a DNA sample and the subsequent tests pointed the finger at Popkov. Faced with the evidence, he admitted murder, saying that he’d only stopped after a sexually transmitted disease had left him impotent.

Read the full, horrific story of Mikhail Popkov, plus 99 more serial killer cases in 
  Murder by Numbers. Available now on Amazon

Sunday 11 October 2015

Serial Killers: Vaughn Greenwood

Born: 1944 

Number of victims: 11    

Date of murders: 1964 - 1975

Method of murder:  Stabbing 

Location: Los Angeles, California   

Known as the “Skid Row Slasher,” Vaughn Greenwood committed his first murder on November 13, 1964, stabbing to death an elderly transient, David Russell, and leaving his body on the steps of the Los Angeles public library. The following day, another elderly man, Benjamin Hornberg, was killed in similar fashion. But just as the LAPD were beginning to fear a serial killer on their streets, the murders stopped. The killer would remain undetected until a decade later. Then, in December 1974 he was back with a vengeance.

The first victim of the new spree was an alcoholic drifter named Charles Jackson. The police immediately knew that the same killer was responsible because the body was found at the exact spot where David Russell had been discovered 10 years earlier. The body was also posed in the same way, with salt sprinkled on the ground and a cup of blood standing nearby.

But the killer was only just getting started. Moses Yakanac, a 47-year-old homeless man was knifed to death in an alley on December 8; 54-year-old Arthur Dahlstedt was found dead outside an abandoned building three days later; On December 22, 42-year-old David Perez was found in bushes near the Los Angeles public library; Casimir Strawinski, 58, was found stabbed to death in his hotel room on January 9; 46-year-old Robert Shannahan was found in another Skid Row hotel days later; 49-year-old Samuel Suarez, too, was found in a sleazy hotel. He was the last Skid Row victim before the killer switched his hunting ground to Hollywood.

Two more men, George Frias and Clyde Hays, were murdered in Hollywood before the Slasher’s third intended victim (with the help of a house guest) managed to fight him off. As he was fleeing, the Slasher carelessly dropped a letter with his name on - Vaughn Greenwood.

The police soon had Greenwood in custody. and he was eventually convicted of nine murders and sentenced to multiple life terms.

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  50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.  2
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Saturday 10 October 2015

Serial Killers: Nannie Doss

Born: November 4, 1905  

Number of victims: 11    

Date of murders: 1920 - 1954

Method of murder: Poisoning    

Location: Oklahoma  

An outwardly friendly and caring woman, Nanny Doss’ jovial facade disguised a deadly killer, one who made a habit of poisoning her husbands, children, and other family members. The first two victims to fall prey to this deadly poisoner were two of her children from her first marriage, to a man named Charles Braggs. The children died of mysterious ailments, netting Doss a small sum in insurance money but losing her her husband, who departed soon after, along with their oldest child.

Doss was left with the baby, Florine, but after marrying a man named Frank Harrelson, she abandoned the child and hit the road. Florine was picked up by her father and would not see her mother again until 1945. By then, she was married and had a baby of her own, one she made the mistake of entrusting to his grandmother. Baby Lee survived three days in Nannie's care, before he died in agony. She said that he’d accidentally eaten some rat poison. Just three months later, Frank Harrelson died, again from some mystery ailment.

But Nannie Doss was only just getting started. During the early 1950s she murdered her third husband, Arlie Lanning; her mother; two of her sisters; and her fourth husband, Richard Morton.

Husband number five, Samuel Doss, died in July 1954, a month after marrying Nannie. This death, however, roused suspicion and an autopsy revealed enough arsenic to kill twenty men. Confronted with the evidence of her guilt, Doss confessed to ten murders, spanning three decades. Her jovial demeanor at her trial earned her the nickname “The Giggling Granny” but didn’t save her from a life sentence. She died in prison of leukemia in 1965.

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  American Monsters Volume 5.  Available now on Amazon

Friday 9 October 2015

Serial Killers: Adam Leroy Lane

Born: August 7, 1964 

Number of victims: 2+     

Date of murders: 2007

Method of murder: Stabbing   

Location: Pennsylvania / New Jersey 

A deadly trucker, Adam Leroy Lane has been definitely linked to two murders and to two brutal, but non-fatal, knife attacks on women. He is suspected of many more homicides as he worked for over two decades driving long-haul, ranging as far north as Massachusetts, as far west as California and as far south as Florida.

The murders definitely attributed to Lane occurred in 2007. Darlene Ewalt, 42, was stabbed to death on July 13, 2007 while talking on the phone in her own backyard, with her family just feet away inside the house. Monica Massaro, 38, was stabbed and killed in her Bloomsbury, New Jersey apartment on July 29. In between those two murders, Lane viciously stabbed Patricia Brooks on July 17 in York County, Pennsylvania. She survived.

Lane was finally brought to justice after he attacked 16-year-old Shea McDonough in her bedroom in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in the early hours of July 20, 2007, just 22 hours after he’d murdered Monica Massaro. Alerted by a noise, Shea’s parents went to investigate and found the hulking killer hovering over their daughter, holding a large hunting knife. Despite being unarmed and much smaller than the 245-pound Lane, the McDonoughs attacked and subdued Lane, then called the Chelmsford Police who soon arrived at the scene and arrested him.

Lane pleaded guilty to murder in order to avoid the death penalty and received life sentences in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He is currently under investigation for over 40 homicides across the country.

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Thursday 8 October 2015

Serial Killer Video: Ivan Milat - The Backpacker Killer

A deadly Australian psychopath who murdered eight backpackers in the Belanglo State Forest, in New South Wales town during the 1990s.

Wednesday 7 October 2015

Serial Killers: Fritz Honka

Born: July 31, 1935 

Number of victims: 4    

Date of murders: 1971 - 1974 

Method of murder: Strangulation    

Location: Hamburg, Germany   

Fritz Honka had a thing about his height, he also had a preference for oral sex, although he harboured a morbid fear of his penis being bitten during the act. Standing just five-foot-five, the alcoholic nightwatchman solved his twin problems by only using toothless prostitutes who were shorter than him. However, such were his insecurities that he immediately attacked anyone who made fun of his lack of inches, or of his sexual performance, as four Hamburg prostitutes would discover to their cost between 1971 and late 1974.

All of the women had been brought back to Honka’s attic apartment in St. Pauli. There they had gotten drunk and engaged in sex with Honka. However, in each case the encounter had turned violent, resulting in Honka strangling the woman.

Faced with the problem of disposal, Honka took the easy way out. He simply dragged the bodies to a crawl space and left them to rot. When neighbors complained about the stench, he blamed foreigners living in the building.

In January 1975, a fire broke out in the apartment block. Firefighters were summoned and as they worked their way through the building, they discovered four badly decomposed female bodies. When Honka arrived home from his night shift, the police were waiting for him.

Faced with irrefutable prove of his deeds, Honka admitted murder. He was sentenced to life in prison in 1975. Paroled in 1993, he died in an old age home on October 19, 1998.    
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Serial Killers: Bruce Peter George Lee

Born: July 31, 1960 

Number of victims: 26    

Date of murders: 1973 - 1979

Method of murder: Fire   

Location: Yorkshire, United Kingdom 

One of Britain’s most prolific serial killers, Bruce Lee (born Peter George Dinsdale) had an unusual method of murder. He was a pyromaniac, who burned people to death in their homes.

Lee, who changed his name by deed poll to that of his favorite kung-fu star, set his first lethal fire in 1973, when he was just 13. Thereafter, he began using fire as a means of gaining revenge. A fire he set on January 5, 1977, killed eleven men at an old age home, after an altercation with one of the residents. After another old man reprimanded him for disturbing his pigeons, Lee returned to wring the birds’ necks, then set the old man alight in an armchair. The fire was ruled an accident, as were many that Lee set over the years. 

Lee was eventually arrested in 1980, after a fire at Selby Street, Hull killed three young members of the Hastie family. The investigation revealed that 15-year-old Peter Hastie had been working as a male prostitute. Lee had been one of his customers, but after Hastie started blackmailing him, Lee decided to kill him.  

In all, 26 people died in fires set by Bruce Lee. However, he would serve no jail time for the murders. Found legally insane, he was sentenced to an indefinite term in a mental hospital.

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Monday 5 October 2015

Serial Killers: Mark Smith

Born: June 27, 1949

Number of victims:  12 

Date of murders:  1966 - 1970

Method of murder: Stabbing / Strangulation 

Location: Germany / Arkansas / Illinois   

By the time he returned to home in 1969, after serving in Germany with the US Army, Mark Smith was already a serial killer, suspected of murdering eight German women during his tour of duty. Back Stateside, he wasted little time in continuing his killing spree.

Smith’s first known US victim was Obie Faye Ash, killed on December 3, 1969, in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Just over one month later, Smith abducted Jean Irene Bianchi from a laundromat in McHenry, Illinois. Her body was found the following morning, frozen solid in a nearby field. She had been raped and strangled. 

On May 27, exactly four months after murdering Jean Bianchi, Smith viciously raped and murdered 17-year-old high school senior Jean Ann Lingenfelter. He then assisted in the search for her body and it was he who “discovered” it, floating in a small lake nearby. That immediately roused suspicion and Smith was brought in for questioning. He soon cracked and admitted killing Jean Ann, as well as three other women. 

Found guilty of first-degree murder at his trial in 1971, Mark Smith was sentenced to a total of 500 years behind bars.

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Sunday 4 October 2015

Serial Killers: Alexander Watson

Born: 1970

Number of victims: 4   

Date of murders: 1986 - 1994 

Method of murder: Strangulation / Stabbing  

Location: Maryland 

Alexander Watson was already serving a life sentence for stabbing a woman to death in Prince George County, Maryland when cold case investigators got a hit on the State’s DNA database linking him to three unsolved homicides.

The first of those dated back to October 1986, when 34-year-old Boontem Anderson was stabbed to death in her Fort Meade apartment. The mother-of-two had stayed home sick from work that day. Her 11-year-old son found her lying face down in the bathtub when he returned from school.

Some eighteen months later, on May 23, 1988 Elaine Shereika went for her usual early morning run before heading to work. She never returned. A farmer found her partially clothed body in a field the following day.

The third victim was 14-year-old Lisa Haenel, a ninth-grader at Old Mill High School. Lisa went missing on January 15, 1993. Her mother's boyfriend found her nude body the next morning, near the path she usually walked to school. Her case and the others had lain dormant until the DNA match. Now at last the police had a suspect.

And Alexander Watson was not about to argue with a positive DNA match. Faced with the possibility of a death sentence if found guilty, Watson confessed to the three murders. He was given three additional life terms, without parole, on August 16, 2007.

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Saturday 3 October 2015

Serial Killers: Mark Goudeau

Born: September 6, 1964

Number of victims: 9   

Date of murders: 2005 - 2006 

Method of murder: Shooting

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona  

Between 2005 and 2006, a killer was stalking the city of Phoenix, Arizona. Known as the ‘Baseline Killer’ after the area in which he carried out his attacks, the monster first appeared on August 6, 2005, when he sexually molested two teenagers behind a church on Baseline Road. Another sexual assault followed, before he committed his first murder on September 9. Over the months that followed, he would reappear sporadically, robbing, raping and killing, claiming 9 victims, with the Phoenix police apparently unable to stop him.

The break in the case came eventually on September 7, 2006 when a man named Mark Goudeau was arrested for sexually assaulting two sisters, one of them heavily pregnant. Once in custody, Goudeau was required to provide a DNA sample and it wasn’t long before investigators were able to link him to evidence lifted from the Baseline Killer crime scenes. Goudeau denied the charges, but the forensic and DNA evidence told a different story.

Despite his continued protestations of innocence, Mark Goudeau was found guilty on 19 charges and sentenced to 438 years in prison.

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Friday 2 October 2015

Serial Killers: Joseph Edward Duncan III

Born: February 25, 1963

Number of victims:  7+ 

Date of murders:  1996 - 2005

Method of murder: Bludgeoning / Hanging  

Location: Washington / California / Idaho    

A horrifically depraved child killer, Duncan first came to national media attention in May 2005, when he murdered Brenda Groene, 40; her son Slade, 13; and her boyfriend, Mark McKenzie, 37. He then kidnapped Brenda Groene's two younger children, Dylan, 9, and Shasta, 8.

A massive search was launched for the missing children but Duncan had driven them deep into the dense forests surrounding Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Their whereabouts would remain a mystery until July 2, when Duncan casually walked into a Denny's restaurant in Coeur d'Alene with Shasta in tow. The child was recognized by staff who called the police. Duncan was arrested at the scene.

It emerged that Duncan had held the children at a makeshift camp in the woods for over a month, raping and abusing them. When Dylan became too much of a burden he killed him by hanging him from a tree.

And that wasn't the full extent of Duncan's criminal career. He had a long arrest record, mainly for raping and molesting children. He was also implicated in three more child murders, in Washington State and in California.

Duncan faced both state and federal charges. On the state charges he received three life sentences while the federal charges (for kidnapping Shasta and Dylan Groene and for murdering Dylan) saw him sentenced to death.

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Thursday 1 October 2015

Serial Killers: Chung Nam-gyu

Born: 1968

Number of victims: 13   

Date of murders: 2004 - 2006 

Method of murder:  Stabbing / Bludgeoning

Location:  Seoul, South Korea   

Motivated by a burning hatred for society, Chung Nam-gyu set out on a campaign of murder in March 2004. He professed to have a particular dislike for the rich, but he was not too picky when selecting his victims. Anyone living within his chosen hunting ground in Seoul, South Korea, was a potential victim, whether old or young, rich or poor, male or female.

Chung's usual M.O. was to enter a home late at night and attack whoever was there, bludgeoning  and stabbing them to death. He would then ransack the place before torching it, in an effort to destroy evidence.

Thirteen people would eventually fall prey to this deadly psychopath before the police tracked him down. Once in custody he gleefully confessed to the murders, boasting about how he had prepared for his killing spree by watching thrillers like “The Silence of the Lambs,” reading books on human anatomy, and running 10 km every day to build up his physical strength and stamina.

Convicted in September 2006, Chung was sentenced to death. He saved the executioner the trouble by hanging himself with a trash bag in his cell on November 22, 2009.

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