As a twelve year old, I borrowed a book from the library thinking it was a vampire novel. It turned out to be the true story of British "vampire" serial killer, John George Haigh. Amazing the things they'll let a 12-year-old check out!

The book made a deep impression, both terrifying and fascinating me. Did such people really exist, I wondered. I soon found out that they did, and in greater numbers than felt comfortable for me to contemplate. Nonetheless, I was fascinated, and even though the librarian wouldn't let me take out any other books on the subject, I became a true crime junkie, burning my way through True Detective magazines by the dozen. Later, I graduated to biographies of killers and the men who hunt them, and to studies of the psychology of murder, forensics and investigative techniques.

Forty years on and I feel as though I've investigated more murder cases than the average homicide detective, studied more serial killers than your average profiler, and spent more time than a conference full of psychologists trying to understand what every true crime buff really wants to know: Why do they do it?

I can’t say that I’ve ever come up with an answer, or even gotten close (if you want to read my musings on the subject you can check them out here) but that’s probably a good thing. As Pedro Lopez, the infamous Monster of the Andes once said, “only those who have taken human life truly understand.”

True crime stories (especially those about serial killers) continue to fascinate and enthral me and I feel truly privileged to be able to research and write them for a living. My books feature the cases that interest me most. I hope that you will find them equally fascinating.

Robert Keller

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