Saturday 4 December 2021

Deadly Women Volume 12

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Brittany Norwood
: Two women are savagely attacked in an apparent robbery at their workplace. One of them is dead. The other knows more than she’s saying.

Penny Boudreau: Penny was having a problem with her boisterous pre-teen daughter. Her solution was simple. Obey me or die.

Angela Murray: A high class hooker and an elderly Holocaust survivor are the key players in this squalid tale of lust and greed and murder.

Robin O’Neill: A perpetually irritable divorcee softens her stance when love enters her life. Now that love is gone and her belligerent attitude is back…with a vengeance.

Ineta Dzinguviene: Ineta’s husband had made it clear that he did not want another child. That put the devoted mother of three in a spot. She was pregnant.

Brookey Lee West: A foul stench seeped out from the storage unit, causing the manager to call the cops. What they found inside was beyond horrific.

Michelle Burgess: First she seduced her husband’s boss. Then she set her sights on becoming his wife. Their respective spouses were in the way. Michelle had a plan for that.

Jennifer Hyatte: Prison nurse Jennifer has fallen for one of the inmates. She has a plan to bust him out. There may be shooting involved.

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Deadly Women Volume 12