Sunday 3 October 2021

Killer Kids Volume 8

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Nathan Brooks: Wannabe Satanist Nathan kept a list of 16 people he wanted to kill. He killed two before he was caught, hacking his own parents to death.

Sharon Carr: “The air stops in the back of her throat. I am joyful.” These words were written by Sharon Carr after her first murder. She was just 12 years old.

Anthony Barbaro: Anthony was the star marksman on his school’s target shooting team. One day he took a perch at a 2nd floor window, armed with a rifle.

Evan Savoie & Jake Eakin: Three pre-teen friends embark on a playdate but only two return. The other is in the woods, beaten and strangled to death.

Natsumi Tsuji
: Obsessed with an online horror animation, a 12-year-old arms herself with a box cutter. Then she lures another child to an isolated location.

William Cornick: A much-loved teacher is stabbed to death in front of a class of screaming students. What had she done to instill such hatred in her killer?

Jaylen Fryberg: Jaylen was a popular, outgoing kid, a keen athlete, a promising student, the last person you’d expect to carry out a school shooting.

Jamar Siler: One was a bully; the other was a kid who refused to be intimidated by bullies. Jamar and Ryan are on a collision course. Only one will survive.

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Killer Kids Volume 8