Thursday 28 December 2023

Murder Most Vile Volume 46


18 Chilling true murder cases, including;

Secret Psycho: On the surface, he was the perfect husband. Behind the scenes, he was a porn-addicted serial killer.

A Second Shot at Justice: A brutal killer is acquitted of murder. The double jeopardy law means he can’t be tried again... or maybe he can.

Body Parts: Mutilated corpses start showing up around the city, casting the police into a race against time. Can they catch this psycho before he kills again?

Murder by Ouija Board: A woman receives a message from a Ouija board revealing the identity of her husband’s killer. Now she’s out for revenge.

Broken Vows: Adam claimed that his wife had tripped and fallen down the stairs. The evidence said different, uncovering a web of lies, deceit, and murder.

Pieces of a Puzzle: Tony had his quirks, but he was always good to her, and Norma loved him for that. Then some troubling secrets start to emerge.

Too Little, Too Late: Floyd was 15 when he committed his crime, 17 when he went to the gas chamber. The tragic tale of a young life gone terribly wrong.

Dead Cold: When you set out to commit the perfect murder, first be sure that you have capable accomplices...who can keep their mouths shut.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 46

Cold Cases Solved Volume 8


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

Bad Neighbor: A mother-of-two is stabbed to death in her home, leaving police baffled as to the identity of her killer. He’s right next door.

Most Wanted: A rich, upwardly mobile individual like Robert made an unlikely addition to the FBI’s Most Wanted list. In his case, it was well warranted.

One Equals Three: Twenty-nine years on from a savage rape-slaying, DNA leads police to a suspect. But there’s more to tell…much more.

House of Pain: A woman with medical problems falls into the hands of an exceptionally cruel couple. What happens next is beyond depraved.

Sweating Bullets: Kevin and Ashley had been high school sweethearts, now reunited and talking marriage. But something’s changed. Kevin is different.

The Acid Truth: Lisa was an intelligent, resilient woman with one glaring flaw… her taste in men. None of her poor choices was as bad as Lawrence, though.

Cold Serial: Meet Roy Melanson, an exceptionally dangerous man. Beautiful women tend to end up dead when Roy’s in the vicinity. That’s no coincidence.

A Hundred Little Things: The medical examiner ruled it a murder-suicide. Not everyone was happy with that assessment. Time and evidence will tell.


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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume  8

Killer Kids Volume 13

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Jay Pinkerton: Two incredibly savage mutilation murders. The killer is a serial killer in the making. He’s just 17 years old.

Levi Elliot: A young girl is shot and fatally injured. Before she dies, she names her killer…it’s her 15-year-old brother.

Crystal Brooke Howell: A teenager suddenly comes into money. Then questions start being asked about her father’s whereabouts.

Natasha Ellis: Janice’s parents did not approve of her friendship with Natasha. The girls have a plan for that. It involves a double homicide.

Jesus Campos: He was a thug and a bully. He did not deserve a girl like Karen but for some reason, she loved him. That would come at a heavy price.

Jordan Wallick: Jordan wanted to make a name for himself with his gangbanger buddies. If that meant killing somebody, then so be it. He was ready.

Toby Sincino: Toby had always told his friends that he’d never make it to adulthood. Today he’s checking out of this life. But he’s not going alone.

Miguel Gaitan & Joel Ramos: A staggeringly savage home invasion leaves an entire family dead. The killers are barely into their teens.

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Killer Kids Volume 13