Friday 16 December 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 13

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

The Hacker: A paranoid drug dealer out on an all night binge with a young man he believes to be a police informant. What could possibly go wrong?

The Vampire of Paris: Meet Nico Claux, mortuary assistant, S & M enthusiast, cannibal, and wannabe vampire.

From Sandra, To My Killer: A young girl is found brutally raped and murdered. The identity of her killer will stun an entire community.

A Passion for Evil: When Snuff movie aficionado, John Madden, decides to indulge his darkest fantasy, no one is safe – not even his 12-year-old niece.

Justice Takes Its Time: A journalist researching the biography of a long dead sports star stumbles upon the solution to a decades-old murder mystery.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel: A serial philanderer meets his worst nightmare, a lover who refuses to be shunted aside. His solution to the problem will shock you to the core.

Blood in the Snow: A brilliant but troubled environmentalist turns his ire on the people he believes are destroying the Alaskan wilderness – with horrific results.

A Dangerous Woman: Breaking up is never easy, breaking up with a woman like Shirley Turner could get you killed.

The Man Who Killed Halloween: When 9-year-old Timmy O'Bryan dies in agony on Halloween night, the police are stunned at where the clues lead.

Jill the Ripper: The murders were reminiscent of those committed by Jack the Ripper just a couple of years earlier. Could Mary Pearcy really have been the Whitechapel fiend?

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Murder Most Vile Volume 13

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Serial Killers: Gerald Parker

Born: 1955 

Number of victims: 6    

Date of murders: 1978 - 1979

Method of murder: Bludgeoning   

Location: Orange County, California

Known as the "Bedroom Basher," Gerald Parker was a vicious sex slayer who murdered five women in the late 70’s while serving in the US Marines at the El Toro Air Station in California. And Parker might well have gotten away with it but for advances in DNA technology that eventually brought him to book and freed an innocent man. 

Dianna D'Aiello was 21 years old and heavily pregnant with her first child on the day in 1979 that Parker entered her home and attacked her. D'Aiello was so severely beaten that she lost her baby and remained comatose for a month after the attack. When she eventually regained consciousness she named her husband, Marine Corporal Kevin Lee Green, as the attacker. Green was duly arrested for the assault on his wife and the murder of his unborn child. Found guilty at trial, he was sentenced to life in prison and would remain behind bars for 16 years before semen from the crime scene was subjected to DNA testing. It returned a match to Gerald Parker, who was then serving time for the rape of a 13-year-old girl.

With the DNA match established, investigators traveled to Avenal State Prison to interview Parker. They expected denials, but Parker seemed almost relieved to unburden himself. He readily confessed to the attack on Dianna D'Aiello. Then her stunned the detectives by admitting to five more homicides; 17-year-old Sandra Kay Fry of Costa Mesa in 1978; Kimberly Gaye Rawlins, 21, of Costa Mesa; Marilyn Kay Carleton, 31, of Costa Mesa; Debora Kennedy, 24, of Tustin; and Debra Lynn Senior, 17, of Costa Mesa. The latter four victims were all killed in 1979.

Gerald Parker would eventually be convicted of these murders and sentenced to die by lethal injection. He currently awaits execution.

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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 12

 18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

 Lights! Cameras! Murder!: Life imitates art in this chilling tale of a wannabe filmmaker who set out to imitate his hero – the TV character, Dexter.

The Stepmother from Hell: What kind of a monster would torture a 6-year-old amputee and cancer survivor?

Black Widows of Hollywood: The barely believable tale of a couple of elderly women who targeted the homeless in a callous murder-for-profit scheme.

The Barbecue Murders: Marlene claimed that her parents had gone on an extended vacation. The bones in the barbecue pit said different.

Mob Rules: The kidnapping and murder of a much-loved San Jose businessman brings about a truly horrific end for the perpetrators.

The Werewolf Butcher: Jack had an ambition. He wanted to be the most notorious serial killer in America. He was certainly one of the bloodiest.

Evidence of Murder: A young girl gets lost in a cornfield and ends up in the clutches of a vile pedophile in this harrowing tale from southeast England.

Justice for Buddy: All Buddy wanted was a companion to share his golden years with, what he got instead was a female predator with a penchant for torture.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 12

Friday 28 October 2016

Serial Killers: Lorenzo Fayne

Born: 1965

Number of victims: 6   

Date of murders: 1989 - 1993

Method of murder: Bludgeoning / Stabbing / Strangulation  

Location: Wisconsin / Illinois 

Lorenzo Fayne was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1970. As a child, he suffered horrendous physical abuse at the hands of his parents and, by age 13, he was already a seasoned criminal with arrests for shoplifting, assault, indecent exposure, housebreaking, and car theft.

When Fayne was 18, he began drifting between Milwaukee and East St. Louis, Illinois, where his grandmother lived. That same year, he also committed his first murder, sexually assaulting and then killing 6-year-old Aree Hunt. Over the next three years, he would claim five more victims, four of them children.

Latondra Dean, 14, was discovered stabbed to death in a bathtub in March 1992. Three months later, 9-year-old Fallon Flood was found inside an abandoned locker room at East St. Louis Senior High School. She had been strangled to death. The severely decomposed body of Glenda Jones, 17, was found behind Martin Luther King Junior High in June 1993. And in  July 1994, 17-year-old Faith Davis was found stabbed to death at a friend’s house. 

The Davis murder would prove Fayne’s undoing. After a detective spotted a trail of blood leading away from the crime scene, a K-9 unit was brought in and the dogs followed the trail right to the home of Lorenzo Fayne’s grandmother.

Fayne was tried separately for each murder. In the Aree Hunt case, he received a life sentence. In each of the other cases, he was sentenced to death. He has since been linked by DNA evidence to the murder of 32-year-old Rita Scott.

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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Blood Brothers Volume 2

25 Shocking Tales of America's Worst African American Serial Killers, including; 

Harrison Graham: the killer had a unique way of dealing with corpses, he simply allowed them to rot in his apartment. The stench of 8 decomposing bodies eventually led to his downfall.

Maury Travis: a brutal torturer and rapist of women who was caught out by his internet browsing history.

Robert Nixon: the “Brick Moron” preyed on helpless women in Chicago and L.A., savagely bludgeoning them to death.

Craig Price: America's youngest serial killer, Price murdered his first victim at 13, and had added three more before he'd even turned 16.

Milton Johnson: a killer with a grudge again society, Johnson massacred 18 people during a series of weekend murder sprees.

Derrick Todd Lee: brutal killer of at least seven Baton Rouge women. Amazingly, another serial killer was working the same turf at the time, killing to keep up with Lee’s body count.

Lemuel Smith: already serving life for a series of brutal murders, Smith claimed one last victim, a female prison guard who he savagely choked and mutilated.

Lorenzo Fayne: Illinois child killer, torturer, and necrophile who was responsible for at least five deaths.

Jason Thomas Scott: would be criminal mastermind with a deadly sideline in sadistic murder.

Gerald Parker: a savage home invading psychopath known as the “Bedroom Basher,” Parker was eventually nailed by DNA evidence.

Plus 15 more riveting true crime cases. Click here to get your copy now.

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Blood Brothers Volume Two

Tuesday 11 October 2016

Serial Killers: Wesley Shermantine & Loren Herzog

Number of victims:  4+   

Date of murders: 1984 - 1999

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing   

Location: California / Utah

Known as the ‘Speed Freak Killers,’ due to their love of methamphetamines, Herzog and Shermantine were a lethal pair of psychopaths who prowled the highways and byways of Northern California for over 15 years, committing random murders whenever the felt so inclined. California investigators believe that they may have killed as many as 20 people, disposing of their bodies in mineshafts and remote countryside around the town of Stockton.

Many of the murders were committed without apparent motive. The deadly duo would be driving around and would spot a stranded motorist and decide on the spur of the moment to kill them. Others, however, were rape slayings. It would be one of these, the 1985 murder of 16-year-old Chevelle Yvonne Wheeler, that would bring the killers to justice.

Chevelle (or Chevy, as she was known) disappeared after she was seen getting into a red pickup outside her high school on October 16, 1985. Shermantine owned just such a truck and he was immediately as suspect, especially after hair and blood was discovered inside a cabin owned by his parents. However, he denied any involvement in the disappearance and the police lacked the evidence to charge him.

Fifteen years on and DNA technology had advanced enough for police to match the evidence to Chevy Wheeler. Brought in for questioning, Shermantine continued to deny his involvement, while Herzog quickly cracked under pressure and admitted to several murders. He insisted, however, that Shermantine had done the killing and that he had only been along for the ride.

Shermantine would eventually be charged with four murders and sentenced to death. Herzog would face three charges, resulting in a prison term of 78 years. The sentenced was later reduced on appeal and he was released on parole in September 2010. Shortly after his release, he hung himself in his trailer.

After Herzog’s death, Wesley Shermantine led police to the bodies of Chevy Wheeler and another female victim, Cyndi Vanderheiden. He insisted, however, that Herzog had committed the murders. 

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Tuesday 4 October 2016

Serial Killers: Martin Dumolland

Born: 1810 

Number of victims:  6+   

Date of murders: 1855 - 1861

Method of murder: Strangulation   

Location: France  

One of the earliest documented serial killers in the modern record, Martin Dumollard’s murderous activities preceded those of Jack the Ripper by three decades. But Dumollard was the polar opposite of ‘Saucy Jack,’ a lumbering country bumpkin who lured French servant girls to Montluel, a small town about twelve miles from Lyon. There he strangled them and robbed them of their meager possession, reportedly also drinking their blood. 

Dumollard’s murderous activities first came to the attention of the authorities in February 1855, when hunters discovered the naked corpse of a young woman in the woods near Montaverne in northeastern France. She was later identified as Marie Baday, a local servant girl. An inquiry was launched but the effort was cursory at best. The death of a peasant did not warrant much attention in those days. 

Over the next six years, the police recorded the disappearances of several young women from the same area. However, there was no clue as to the identity of the killer until the night of May 26, 1861, when an intended victim escaped Dumollard’s clutches. The woman, named Marie Pichon, reported the incident the next day and police inquiries led to the door of Martin and Marie Dumollard.

Under interrogation, Dumollard provided incoherent answers and denied any wrongdoing. His wife, however, was more forthcoming, leading the police to several makeshift gravesites in the woods. A search of the Dumollard homestead also turned up a wealth of incriminating evidence, including bloodstained items of clothing.

Martin Dumollard went on trial at the assizes of Ain, on January 29, 1862, charged with six counts of murder. Found guilty, he was sentenced to death, that sentence carried out by guillotine before a crowd of thousands on March 8, 1862. His wife Marie was convicted as an accomplice and sentenced to 20 years at hard labor.

Read the full, horrific story of Martin Dumolland, plus 29 more serial killer cases in 
  Human Monsters Volume 1.  Available now on Amazon

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Serial Killers: Paul Dennis Reid

Born: November 12, 1957

Number of victims: 7

Date of murders: February - April 1997

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing  


Paul Dennis Reid had come Nashville with dreams of a country music career. But like so many hopefuls before him those dreams had come to nothing. Before long he found himself working as a dishwasher at a Shoney's restaurant in Donelson. Still, at least it was a job. On February 15, 1997, he lost even that. In a fit of temper, he threw a plate at another employee and was fired. Seething, Reid went home and spent the night drinking and plotting his revenge. Eventually, he’d decided what to do. 

The following morning, Reid showed up at a Captain D's restaurant. It was still closed but Reid was allowed in by employee Steve Hampton after he said that he was there to apply for a job. Once inside, he took Hampton and another employee, 16-year-old Sarah Jackson, hostage. He then robbed the restaurant before taking Hampton and Jackson to the cooler, where he shot them execution-style.

Over the next two months, the city of Nashville was plagued by an assassin dubbed “The Fast Food Killer” in the media. On March 23, 1997, McDonald's employees, Ronald Santiago, 27, Robert A. Sewell Jr., 23, and Andrea Brown, 17, were shot to death by a man who entered the restaurant just before closing time and took them hostage. Another employee, 17-year-old Jose Alfredo Ramirez Gonzalez was stabbed 17 times but survived to identify Reid as his attacker.

A month later, Angela Holmes, 21, and Michelle Mace, 16, were kidnapped during a robbery at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store in Clarksville, about 50 miles northwest of Nashville. The women were driven to Dunbar Cave State Natural Area where Reid slashed their throats and dumped their bodies.

But the net was fast closing on Paul Dennis Reid. Jose Gonzalez had provided a description to police and they also had a fingerprint, lifted from a movie rental card that was in found in Steve Hampton's wallet, which Reid had carelessly discarded along a road. 

On June 25, 1997, Reid went to the home of the Shoney's manager who fired him and tried to force his way in. Unsuccessful, he eventually left, not knowing that his intended victim had videotaped the entire incident. The tape was released to the media and Reid was arrested later that same day. 

Tried and found guilty of the ‘Fast Food Murders,’ Reid received three death sentences. He currently awaits execution.

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Saturday 10 September 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 11

18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including; 

No Remorse: The tiny Australian town of Bargo, New South Wales has a new resident, a heartless and deeply depraved child killer… and he’s hunting.

Best Friends Forever:Two 16-year-old girls decide to get rid of an unwanted friend in this barely believable tale of teenaged friendship gone horribly wrong.

Irresistible Impulse: A troubled young woman finds the burden of caring for her five children too much to bear. Her solution to the problem will shock you to the core.

Guilty of Suicide: Can a man really be put to death when even the prosecution agrees that his victim probably took her own life?

Countess Dracula: The quite incredible tale of a Hungarian countess who enjoyed taking long baths … in her victims’ blood.

The Axe Man Cometh: A young man with money problems decides to claim his inheritance early, via familial slaughter.

Night of the Slasher: A killer is loose on the streets of Windsor, Ontario, his savage M.O. drawing comparisons with Jack the Ripper.

Don’t Talk to Strangers: The Hasidic Jewish community of Borough Park, New York looked after their own and kept strangers out. But what if one of their own was a depraved child killer?

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Murder Most Vile Volume Eleven

Wednesday 10 August 2016

The Devil in Whitechapel

Forget everything you've ever heard about Jack the Ripper...

During the autumn of 1888, a series of murders occurred in London’s East End that sent shockwaves reverberating around the world. The victims were all prostitutes,their killer, a knife-wielding assailant with an insatiable bloodlust.

Within the space of just three months, this unnamed fiend would claim at least five lives. Then, he mysteriously vanished, leaving behind a trail of mutilated corpses and a scar upon our collective psyche that endures to this day.

The atrocities attributed to Jack the Ripper have become the stuff of legend. And like any legend they have become the subject of wild speculation and unfounded theory...until now.

Join true crime author Robert Keller as he embarks upon a forensic examination of this most enigmatic of murder cases.

WARNING: Be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about 

Jack the Ripper picked apart and challenged.

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The Devil in Whitechapel

Thursday 14 July 2016

Soviet Monsters

The lives and dreadful deeds of 22 Soviet Monsters, including; 

Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: known as “Metal Fang” due to his unique dental work, Dzhumagaliev served up the flesh of his victims to his unsuspecting dinner guests.

Mikhail Popkov: police officer with a deadly sideline in murder and necrophilia, Popov inflicted unbelievably horrific mutilations on his victims.

Tamara Samsonova: 68-year-old female serial killer who mutilated her victims and may well have cannibalized their corpses.

Anatoly Onoprienko: a killer so brutal, so bloodthirsty, that the Ukrainian government mobilized an entire army unit to stop him.

Tamara Ivanyutina: a particularly malevolent individual, Ivanyutina killed anyone who offended her in even the slightest way, sending them to an agonizing death with her vial of thallium.

Andrei Chikatilo: the Soviet Union’s most fearsome serial killer. Chikatilo slaughtered at least 56 women and children, literally tearing them apart.

Irina Gaidamachuk: known as “Satan in a Skirt,” Gaidamachuk bludgeoned 17 elderly women to death, robbing them for money to buy vodka.

Vladimir Bratislav: inflicted such horrific mutilations on his 30 victims that the police refused to release the details, even after he was convicted.

Alexander Spesivtsev: Siberian cannibal who preyed on street children, slaughtering them in his filthy apartment and handing over their flesh to his mother to cook.

Sergei Ryakhovsky: a hulking killer known as the Hippopotamus, Ryakhovsky beat, knifed, and strangled his 19, mostly elderly, victims.

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Soviet Monsters

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 10

18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including; 

Murder, He Wrote: It was the perfect crime, until the killer decided to write a novel, using his real M.O. for his fictional murder.

Run, Bambi, Run:
A young mother is found shot to death and the clues point to the unlikeliest of suspects – a gorgeous ex-cop and playboy bunny.

The Man Who Wrecked Trains:
The killer had one of the strangest sexual fixations you’ll ever encounter – he got his kicks derailing trains.

To Love and to Perish:
John Perry was tired of his young wife’s philandering. His solution? Kill her, cook her, feed her to the cat!

For the Love of Money:
Greed can be murder and Frederick Seddon is quite possibly the greediest scoundrel you’ll ever have the displeasure of meeting.

Damned by Evil:
A beautiful young girl gains an unwanted admirer, a snuff movie enthusiast with a taste for necrophilia.

Gods and Monsters:
A quartet of criminals takes control of a tiny Mexican village, sparking an orgy of sex, murder and human sacrifice.

The Family:
A family of hippies under the control of a murderous messiah, a series of crimes that shook America to its very roots.

Dinner for One:
The killer was a sous-chef at one of the best restaurants in town. His victim was dinner.

A Better Life Through Murder:
How far would you go to live the good life? As far as kidnapping? As far as murder?

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Murder Most Vile Volume Ten

Sunday 15 May 2016

The Deadly Dozen Volume 2

12 More Horrific True Stories of the Worst Serial Killers in American History           

Rodney Alcala: who would have thought that the handsome, charming winner of The Dating Game was, in fact, a homicidal maniac.

Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono: two murderous cousins, working together to unleash a reign of unprecedented terror on the women of Los Angeles.

Larry Eyler: a lethal psychopath who trawled the freeways of the American Midwest for victims who he literally tore apart.

Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins: dubbed the “Meanest Man in America,” the diminutive Gaskins may have claimed as many as 100 victims.

H.H. Holmes: evil doctor who built a vast torture castle in Chicago in the late 1800’s, then lured countless young women to their horrific deaths.

Patrick Kearney: a.k.a. The Trash Bag killer. Despite standing just 5'5”, Kearney cut a swathe of destruction across southern California, leaving at least 35 dismembered corpses in his wake.

Edmund Kemper III: a double murderer at 15, Kemper was set free to unleash a reign of terror on the student population of Santa Cruz, California.

Bobby Joe Long: a sex-obsessed psychopath who graduated from rape to murder, with devastating results for the women of south Florida.

Earl Nelson: the inhuman “Gorilla Killer”, who rampaged through 1920's America and into Canada, killing and raping as he went.

Joel Rifkin: a born loser who failed at everything he tried - except murder. Rifkin killed and dismembered as many as 17 women.

Arthur Shawcross: having escaped the death penalty for the murder of two children, this sadistic killer turned his attention on the prostitutes of Rochester, New York. But did he cannibalize his victims?

Coral Eugene Watts: a vicious killer who enjoyed slashing, strangling and drowning the helpless young women he targeted for death. Responsible for as many as 80 murders.

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The Deadly Dozen Volume 2

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Beyond Evil

The World's Worst Child Killers, 20 shocking cases including; 

Westley Allan Dodd: sickening pervert who tortured, stabbed and strangled three little boys to death.

Tsutomu Miyazaki: deeply disturbed Japanese serial killer who practiced cannibalism and necrophilia on his young victims.

Joseph Duncan III : paedophilic killer who wiped out an entire family to get to the object of his desire, an 8-year-old girl.

Erno Soto: a deadly phantom who preyed on the children of Harlem and went by the terrifying sobriquet “Charlie Chop-off.”

Jeanne Weber: the babysitter from Hell. Weber strangled to death 10 children left in her care.

Robert Black: a remorseless child killer who sexually assaulted and murdered at least three little girls and may have killed many more.

Gordon Stewart Northcott: axe murderer from the 1920’s who tortured, sexually abused and murdered young boys.

Marc Dutroux: kidnapped six young girls and held them as sex slaves, eventually killing two and allowing two to starve to death.

Marcelo Costa de Andrade: sex fiend and necrophile who targeted slum children in Rio de Janeiro, killing 14 in just eight months.

Arthur Gary Bishop: repulsive paedophile who murdered five young boys, drowning, bludgeoning and strangling them to death.

Plus 10 more riveting true crime cases. Click here to get your copy now.

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Beyond Evil

Wednesday 9 March 2016

Medical Monsters Volume 2

The lives and dreadful deeds of 22 horrific medical serial killers, including; 

Anthony Joyner: A truly depraved individual who preyed on the elderly women at the nursing home where he worked, raping and suffocating his victims.

Daniela Poggiali: This Italian nurse murdered the patients under her care, then posed for selfies with their corpses.

The Skin Hunters: This Polish ambulance crew had less interest in saving its victims and more in earning a bounty on their corpses.

Linda Hazzard: An alternate healer who believed that fasting was the cure-all for disease, Hazzard starved as many as 40 of her patients to death.

John Bodkin Adams: A humble GP who became the wealthiest doctor in Britain, thanks to bequests from over 130 of his patients, many of whom died under suspicious circumstances.

Roland E. Clark: Abortionist, rapist, child molester, drug dealer, murderer, Dr. Clark must surely rank as one of the most malevolent individuals to ever earn a medical degree.

Jane Toppan: A deeply disturbed nurse with a terrifying ambition - to kill more people than anyone else ever had.

Robert Diaz: Self-proclaimed psychic who claimed that he could predict the day and hour of his patients’ deaths. He was never wrong.

William & Lila Young: A truly heartless Canadian couple who turned baby farming into an industry. Responsible for the deaths of as many as 600 infants.

Joan Vila Dilme: Vila claimed that his murders were “mercy killings” but the method he employed ensured that his victims died in excruciating agony.

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Medical Monsters Volume 2

Monday 8 February 2016

Murder Most Vile Volume 9

18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including; 

Raising Hell: Two warped brothers on a mission to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ. Woe betide anyone who gets in their way.  

The Murder of Sweet Fanny Adams: An innocent little girl is lured to a field by a prowling paedophile. What happens next is shocking beyond belief.

Mr. Meticulous: Meet Israel Keyes, the man the FBI considers to be the most meticulous serial killer in history.  

Till Death Do Us Part: A beautiful young woman is murdered on her honeymoon. But did her husband really order her death? And if so, why? 

The Fifth Commandment: Father Hans Schmidt was selective about which commandments he chose to obey. Thou shalt not kill did not make the cut.

Unlucky in Love: Mary Wilson’s husbands had an unfortunate habit of dropping dead soon after the nuptials. But was the elderly widow really a mass murderer? 

The Phantom of the Opera: A beautiful violinist goes missing during a performance and ends up dead in a lift shaft, leaving the NYPD with a conundrum to solve. 

40 Days in Hell: A teenaged girl is kidnapped by a gang of miscreants in this barely believable tale of torture and horrific death from Japan.

Burning for You: What happens when a former Golden Girl’s life goes off the rails? Who pays the price for her frustration?

Ghosts: A mysterious sequence of events culminates in the massacre of an entire family. But who killed the Grubers? Could it really have been a vengeful ghost?

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Murder Most Vile Volume Nine

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Medical Monsters

The lives and dreadful deeds of 20 horrific medical serial killers, including; 

Genene Jones: a truly monstrous paediatric nurse who murdered as many as 47 babies and children entrusted to her care.
Glennon Engleman:a rather unconventional dentist who moonlighted as a hitman and murder-for-profit killer.

Michael Swango: a deadly doctor who took genuine pleasure in poisoning his patients and colleagues. Killed at least 60 in an intercontinental murder spree.

The Lainz Angels of Death: four lethal nurses who turned the geriatric ward at an Austrian hospital into their private killing field.

Gwendolyn Graham & Cathy Wood: lesbian lovers who got their kicks by suffocating the elderly patients under their care. 

Teet Haerm: police pathologist who spent his nights hunting prostitutes in Stockholm, Sweden. Haerm actually performed autopsies on many of the women he’d killed.

Orville Lynn Majors: an ICU nurse with a deep-seated hatred for his elderly patients, Majors is suspected of over 100 murders.

Kimberly Saenz: addicted to prescription drugs and with her life falling apart around her, Saenz struck out at helpless patients, injecting them with bleach.

Donald Harvey: dubbed the “Angel of Death,” Harvey killed at least seventy hospital patients by suffocation, poisoning, drug overdoses and other methods.

Thomas Neill Cream: London's East End had barely recovered from Jack the Ripper when Dr. Cream arrived on the scene, dispensing agonizing death with his special little pills.

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Medical Monsters

Friday 1 January 2016

Serial Killers: Linwood and James Briley

Number of victims: 12   

Date of murders: 1979 

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing / Bludgeoning     

Location: Richmond, Virginia

A pair of deadly siblings, Linwood and James "J.B." Briley, (together with younger brother Anthony Briley and another young accomplice, Duncan Meekins) were responsible for the worst killing spree in Richmond, Virginia’s history.

Growing up in a stable home, the brothers showed the first inkling of the carnage to come in 1971, when 16-year-old Linwood shot and killed an elderly neighbor. That saw him sent to reform school where he was soon joined by J.B., arrested for firing a gun at a police officer. 

The spree that would catapult the Brileys to infamy began several years later, on March 12, 1979, when the Brileys robbed and assaulted William and Virginia Bucher in their home. They then tied the couple up and set the house on fire before fleeing. Fortunately, the Buchers managed to escape.

But that was just the beginning. On March 21, Michael McDuffie, was robbed and killed in his home. On April 9, 76-year-old Mary Gowen was raped, robbed, and shot. On July 4, 17-year-old Christopher Philips was beaten to death after the gang accused him of trying to steal Linwood’s car. On September 14, popular local musician John "Johnny G." Gallaher was abducted from a nightclub, driven to the James River and shot in the head. 

And still the carnage continued. On September 30, 62-year-old Mary Wilfong was gang raped and murdered. Five days later, on October 5, 79-year-old Blanche Page and her 59-year-old boarder, Charles Garner, were stabbed and beaten to death. On October 19, Harvey Wilkerson, his pregnant wife and five-year-old son, were murdered in their home. Wilkerson had been an acquaintance of the Brileys. 

Arrested soon after, the Brileys gave nothing up to the police. However, their accomplice Duncan Meekins struck a deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against them. It led to multiple convictions and the death penalty for both Linwood and J.B.

Linwood Briley was put to death in Virginia's electric chair on October 12, 1984. James Briley was executed by the same method on April 18 of the following year.

 Read the full, horrific story of the Briley brothers, plus 11 more serial killer cases in