Sunday, 27 June 2021

Murder Most Vile Volume 35


18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Act of Murder: Daniel was short of cash and desperate. His solution? The cold-blooded murder of his neighbor – with some collateral damage thrown in.

Mr. & Mrs. Monster: A deeply depraved couple snatch an innocent 12-year-old from a suburban street. What happens next is beyond shocking.

The Sins of Essie Bible: Essie was a woman on a mission. She knew what she wanted out of life. Those who stood in her way tended to come to a bad end.

Mother’s Little Helpers: Paul was a monster and Marie wanted him gone, out of her life, preferably dead. She knew just who to recruit for the job.

The Pretty Girl Murders: An incredibly savage double homicide rocks a small town. The killer’s identity isn’t hard to figure out. He lives next door.

Life Sucks: An ill-conceived kidnapping plot goes horribly wrong for the bumbling abductors, with dreadful consequences for the victim.

Hero’s End: A former Green Beret, turned paramedic, lands a high-paying, dream job with a billionaire client in Monaco. What could possibly go wrong?

Death Lives Next Door: The murders spread panic throughout the apartment complex. A serial killer was at work here. And he might just be your neighbor.


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Murder Most Vile Volume 35

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Deadly Women Volume 11

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Chelsea Richardson & Susan Toledano:
What do you do if your boyfriend’s parents don’t approve of you? If you’re Chelsea Richardson, you murder them.

Sarah Gonzales-McLinn:
Hal was 50, his teenaged lover, Sarah, was 17. She was also a dangerous psychopath, eager to find out what it was like to kill someone.

Vickie Frost:
When Rick met Vickie at a sales conference, it was love at first sight. No one told him that she was a control freak…or that she had a temper.

Morgan Smith:
Theirs was a slave/master relationship and Morgan liked it that way. When Daryl cut her loose, it broke her. Now she’s back…carrying a shotgun.

Donna Roberts:
Donna was a middle-aged, suburban matron until she suffered a head injury in an auto wreck. Now she’s picked up some bad habits.

Camellia Brown:
The office gossip was that Camellia was mentally unstable but Earl didn’t listen to gossip. Perhaps, in this case, he should have.

Kerry Bauer & Emma Last:
A trio of miscreants lure a young acquaintance out into the English countryside. What happens next is pure evil.

Misook Nowlin:
Cross-cultural relationships can be problematic, more so when the one you love turns out to be a sociopath.

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Deadly Women Volume 11

Monday, 22 March 2021

Killer Kids Volume 7

 22 shocking true stories of kids who kill, including;

Joseph Hall
: When he was ten years old, Joseph Hall took a gun and blew out his father’s brains. What is even more stunning is that no one was really surprised.

Sandy Charles: A schizophrenic teen with a horror movie fixation lures a little boy into the woods. What happens next is the stuff of nightmares.

Paula Cooper: The girls said that they were there for Bible lessons so 78-year-old Ruth Pelke gladly let them in. It was the last mistake she’d ever make.

Louis Hamlin & James Savage: Two pre-teen girls take a well-traveled shortcut through the woods. On this day,there are predators lying in wait.

Michael Hamer: Teased, bullied, isolated from his peers, Michael began to construct a disturbing fantasy world. Then, one day, those fantasies got real.

Sergey Gordeyev: Sergey had been a straight-A student all his life. The B that his Geography teacher had graded him was an insult. Sergey wouldn’t stand for it.

Shawn Green: A dispute between classmates escalates into a deadly confrontation, played out before stunned passengers on a crowded London bus.

Mathieu Moulinas: He was troubled child, afflicted by terrifying thoughts. Still, no one truly saw the monster that lurked beneath. No one saw until it was too late.

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Killer Kids Volume 7

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Murder Most Vile Volume 33


18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;
Kiss Me, Kill Me: The killer had an unusual defense. He claimed that his victim had begged him to take her life. Is it still murder under those circumstances?

Thy Brother’s Wife: A close-knit family is torn apart by a scandalous affair. Old grievances resurface. A shotgun splits the difference.

Canadian Horror Story: An alcoholic, drug addicted logger with mental issues. He has a rifle and an ax and his blood is up. Pity those he encounters tonight.

Every Mother’s Nightmare: What happens when your 15-year-old daughter attracts the attention of an online predator? What happens when that predator shows up at your door?

After Dark: Chiquita Tate was an easy person to admire but a difficult person to like. Turns out, someone disliked her quite a lot.

Double Indemnity: A dentist dies in a blazing car wreck, leaving his wife to cash in a generous life insurance policy. First, though, the police have questions.

Crooked River Bridge: Lesbian lovers Jeannace and Gertrude decide that Gertrude’s kids are a hindrance to their relationship. Their solution to the problem goes beyond evil.

Vampires of Kentucky: They weren’t real vampires, of course. But the crimes they committed were certainly worthy of those inhuman creatures.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 33

Saturday, 13 February 2021

Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 1


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

The Darkest Shade of Evil
: Two little girls go missing from the mall. What happens to them is beyond your most terrifying nightmares.

You’re History: The discovery of a human skull panics a killer into a confession. Perhaps he should have waited for the coroner’s report.

Cold-Blooded: Karen was the former wife of an American icon. But celebrity is no shield against a determined psychopath.

The Janitor: When a preteen girl goes missing from a school, suspicion falls on the one person all of the female students are wary of – the creepy janitor.

A Bullet for Your Broken Heart: Roy Joe had been dealt many tribulations in his life. None of them, though, was as bad as Carolyn.

The Other Ripper: For years, Joan was thought to be a victim of Britain’s most notorious slayer. Her killer turned out to be a different psychopath entirely.

Young Blood: Two teenagers meet up for a moonlight tryst in an abandoned building. One of them won’t make it out alive.

Neighborhood Monster: It was a simple errand, a quick run to the store in a safe neighborhood. It should not have cost a little girl her life.

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 Cold Cases: Solved! Volume 1

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Murder Most Vile Volume 32


18 classic true crime cases from around the world, including;

18 Shocking True Crime Murder Cases From Around The World, including;

The Man She Thought She Knew: Sheila was growing increasingly suspicious of her husband’s cagey behavior. There are some secrets, you don’t want to know.

Somewhere in Middle America: A troubled teen with suicidal tendencies. He’s checking out of this life. But he’s not going alone.

Because He Said So: How far would you go to please your lover? As far as murder? As far as child murder? As far as your own child?

True Detective: The killer was clever; he was cunning; he was ruthlessly efficient. But he’d met his match in a brilliant detective.

Taken: Three young girls go missing from a small Spanish town in the middle of the night. What happened to them will shock the nation to its very core.

The Devil You Know: Luis was a good friend. He listened, he cared. He was also hiding lustful thoughts about Missy, thoughts that would soon become actions.

Over Your Dead Body: Rose was a sucker for a man in uniform. Unfortunately, her police officer boyfriend comes with baggage - a strange and terrifying family.

A Special Place in Hell: A precious little girl falls into the hands of a monster, the aunt who promised to take care of her and give her a better life.

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Murder Most Vile Volume 32

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Deadly Women Volume 10

20 classic true crime cases of women who kill, including;

Elizabeth Brownrigg: She was a vicious sadist, a psychopath who inflicted horrible torture on the children in her care. This time, though, she’d gone too far.

Brittney Dwyer: Troubled teen Brittney is taking a road trip, at the end of which is her grandfather’s house, a reputed fortune, and a bloody murder.

Stacey Barker: The horrific story of a young mother, the baby she didn’t want and the terrible atrocity she’d commit to free herself of maternal responsibilities.

Stella Williamson: Stella had been the subject of gossip for decades. Now she’s dead and those rumors are about to be tested.

Elise Ledvina: Religious fanatic Elise has been hearing voices in her head. She believes that they are instructions from God – telling her to kill.

Rosie Alfaro: The family had shown her nothing but kindness. She repaid them by taking their most valued possession – the life of an innocent little girl.

Marguerite Fahmy: An Egyptian prince is murdered at a plush London hotel. The killer’s identity is not in question. But why did she do it?

Paula Sims: When Paula’s first child went missing everyone believed that the baby had been abducted. Second time around, the story was somewhat harder to swallow.

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Deadly Women Volume 10