Sunday 15 May 2016

The Deadly Dozen Volume 2

12 More Horrific True Stories of the Worst Serial Killers in American History           

Rodney Alcala: who would have thought that the handsome, charming winner of The Dating Game was, in fact, a homicidal maniac.

Kenneth Bianchi & Angelo Buono: two murderous cousins, working together to unleash a reign of unprecedented terror on the women of Los Angeles.

Larry Eyler: a lethal psychopath who trawled the freeways of the American Midwest for victims who he literally tore apart.

Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins: dubbed the “Meanest Man in America,” the diminutive Gaskins may have claimed as many as 100 victims.

H.H. Holmes: evil doctor who built a vast torture castle in Chicago in the late 1800’s, then lured countless young women to their horrific deaths.

Patrick Kearney: a.k.a. The Trash Bag killer. Despite standing just 5'5”, Kearney cut a swathe of destruction across southern California, leaving at least 35 dismembered corpses in his wake.

Edmund Kemper III: a double murderer at 15, Kemper was set free to unleash a reign of terror on the student population of Santa Cruz, California.

Bobby Joe Long: a sex-obsessed psychopath who graduated from rape to murder, with devastating results for the women of south Florida.

Earl Nelson: the inhuman “Gorilla Killer”, who rampaged through 1920's America and into Canada, killing and raping as he went.

Joel Rifkin: a born loser who failed at everything he tried - except murder. Rifkin killed and dismembered as many as 17 women.

Arthur Shawcross: having escaped the death penalty for the murder of two children, this sadistic killer turned his attention on the prostitutes of Rochester, New York. But did he cannibalize his victims?

Coral Eugene Watts: a vicious killer who enjoyed slashing, strangling and drowning the helpless young women he targeted for death. Responsible for as many as 80 murders.

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