Monday 23 November 2015

Serial Killers: Vladimir Mirgorod

Born: 1979

Number of victims: 16 +      

Date of murders: 2002 - 2004

Method of murder: Strangulation    

Location: Moscow, Russia

A horrendously prolific rape slayer, Vladimir Mirgorod prowled the streets of Moscow between 2002 and 2004 claiming at least 16 victims (15 adult women and a 13-year-old girl) during that short period.

The murders all occurred in the north and north-east of the city and Mirogrod seldom wavered from his tried and tested M.O. He would find his victims in parks or in deserted back streets. After overpowering the woman, he would tie her up, then rape her before strangling her to death with his belt.

But his attacks were not always successful. Several victims escaped and reported to police the “glassy-eyed madman” who had assaulted them. Despite this info the police took a low profile approach to the case, with Ministry of the Interior Boris Gryzlov, denying that there was a serial killer on the loose in Moscow. Then in 2004, the attacks suddenly stopped.

The case was solved purely by accident. Russia had been slowly digitizing its fingerprint archives and in 2010 got a hit on a print lifted from one of the Moscow murder scenes. It belonged to Vladimir Mirgorod, currently serving a prison term for robbery (which explained why the murders had stopped so abruptly).

Found guilty on multiple murder charges, Mirogrod was sentenced to life in prison. 

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