Friday 13 March 2015

Serial Killers: Wayne Adam Ford

Born: December 3, 1961 in Petaluma, California  

Number of victims: 4  

Date of murders: 1997 - 1998 

Method of murder: Stabbing / Strangulation 

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Wayne Adam Ford is the rarest of creatures, a serial killer who gave himself up to the authorities. The incident occurred on November 4, 1998, when Ford walked in to the Humboldt County Sherriff's Department in Eureka, California and confessed that he'd done some "bad things." He then tearfully admitted to killing and mutilating four women. Just in case the police did not believe him, he'd brought along a souvenir, a woman's severed breast that he had in his pocket.

Arrested on the spot, Ford was charged with four murders. Las Vegas prostitute Tina Renee Gibbs, 26, had been found floating in a Kern County aqueduct on June 2, 1998. She had been strangled. Four months later, the nude body of Lanett Deyon White, a 25-year-old prostitute from Fontana, was found in an irrigation canal in San Joaquin County.

Patricia Ann Tamez's nude body had turned up in the California Aqueduct near San Bernardino in October 1998. She had been strangled and one of her breasts removed. The fourth victim had been so severely mutilated that she was never identified. Ford had picked up all of the women while working as a long-haul trucker. 

Wayne Adam Ford was found guilty of four counts of murder on June 27, 2006. Despite his surrender and obvious remorse, he was sentenced to death. He currently awaits execution.  

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