Sunday 30 August 2015

Serial killers: Alonzo Robinson

Number of victims: 6   

Date of murders:  1926 - 1934

Method of murder: Stabbing / Shooting 

Location: Mississippi / Michigan 

Born in Cleveland, Mississippi, Robinson clocked his first arrest in 1918, for sending obscene letters to local women. However, he escaped from custody while been transported to to jail, making his getaway despite taking a bullet in the shoulder.

Eight years later, police in Michigan City, Michigan where investigating a strange case of serial murder. Several decapitated female corpses had been found, and investigations led the police to the home of a man named James Coyner (an alias being used by Robinson). There they found four severed heads, although there was no sign of the perpetrator. He had fled to Indiana, where he’d later serve time for grave-robbing. 

Paroled in July 1934, Robinson returned to Cleveland, Mississippi. Still using the alias “James Coyner,” he picked up his old habit of writing obscene letters. And it wasn’t long before he started killing again. In December 8, 1934, Aurelius Turner and his wife were shot to death in their Cleveland home. When the bodies were found it was apparent that chunks of flesh had been hacked from the woman and carried from the scene by her killer.

A month later after the double homicide, federal agents tracked “James Coyner” to a post box in Shaw, Mississippi, and arrested him. Later, when they searched his home, they found strips of human flesh, salted and cured like beef jerky.

In custody, Robinson freely admitted to the murders and to eating the flesh of his victims. History does not record the outcome of the case but given the nature of the crimes it is likely that Alonzo Robinson saw out his days in a lunatic asylum. 

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