Sunday 30 January 2022

Cold Cases Solved Volume 3


18 Baffling True Crime Cold Cases, including;

Cold Storage: The truck sat in the drive on flats, an electrical cable powering a freezer in its cargo hold. What’s inside is the stuff of nightmares.

The Running Man: A man is seen running from a burning house. Inside is the badly burned corpse of a young woman. Are the two events connected?

Malevolent: The savage murder of a disabled woman sends police on a decades long hunt for a cowardly killer. One small detail might unlock the mystery.

Firebug: Fire had always been John Veysey’s friend. Sometimes it put money in his pocket. Other times, it covered the evidence of his evil deeds.

The Coward's Way: The case had gone unsolved for decades, then a veteran detective took an interest and uncovered a killer close to home.

Family Secrets: John’s wives had a habit of walking out on him, never to be seen again. Unlucky in love? Or something more sinister?

Prime Suspect: A brutal murder with an obvious suspect. The police have evidence, but the killer has an alibi. It will take time for technology to catch up.

Run: A promising young athlete with dreams of the Olympics; a sexual predator with far less admirable objectives. They meet. Tragedy ensues.


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