Sunday 28 June 2015

Serial Killers: Anna Marie Hahn

Born: July 7, 1906

Number of victims: 5+ 

Date of murders:  1932 - 1937

Method of murder: Poisoning

Location:  Ohio / Colorado

A native of Germany, Hahn immigrated to the US at age 21, settling in Cincinnati's German district. There she married a young telephone operator, and found work in a bakery. However, Hahn soon tired of the long hours and hit on a new way to make money. She insured her husband for $25,000, then tried to poison him. He survived after being rushed to hospital and promptly divorced her after he recovered. 

Unperturbed by this failure, Hahn started working as a day nurse to wealthy older men and promptly began killing off her clients. No suspicion accrued to Hahn even though she was named as the beneficiary in each of her victims' wills.

In 1937, Anna invited George Obendoerfer to take a trip with her to visit her “ranch” in Colorado. The ranch, of course, did not exist, but Obendoerfer would never know that. He became sick on the train and died soon after arriving in Denver. Hahn then cleared out his bank account, stealing $5,000.

Police became suspicious when Hahn refused to pay for Obendoerfer’s funeral, even though she claimed that he was her fiancee. An autopsy was ordered and showed copious amounts of arsenic. On her return to Cincinnati, Hahn was arrested.

Convicted of multiple murder, Hahn was sentenced to death. On December 7, 1938, she became the first woman to die in Ohio’s electric chair. 

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