Saturday 16 May 2015

Serial Killers: Moses Sithole

Born: November 17, 1964

Number of victims: 38  

Date of murders: 1994-1995 

Method of murder: Strangulation

Location: South Africa  

Moses Sithole is South Africa’s most prolific serial killer, a vicious sex slayer who claimed as many as 38 victims over a period of just two years. Sithole first came to police attention in the eighties when he committed three rapes and was eventually arrested and sent to prison. His murder spree began in 1994, shortly after his release.

Like any true predator Sithole, exploited a weakness in his victims. South Africa has a very high unemployment rate, so he posed as a businessman willing to employ young, black females in his fake charity organization. Desperate for work, the victims willingly went with him, whereupon he would lead them to an isolated spot and attack, raping and then strangling them. By 1995, he had already claimed over 30 victims, sparking a national panic and the biggest manhunt in South Africa’s history. 

Sithole was eventually identified after police found fake employment application forms on one of his victims. He was caught after he contacted his brother-in-law asking him to procure a firearm. The brother-in-law agreed to meet Sithole but instead contacted the police. They were there to arrest him when he showed up. 

Found guilty of multiple murders Sithole was sentenced to a total of  2,410 years imprisonment. He is only likely to serve a very short portion of that term, as he is HIV positive. Moses Sithole is currently incarcerated at Pretoria’s maximum security C-Max prison.

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