Monday 11 May 2020

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.9

50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard;

Thomas Bunday: After killing at least five women, Bunday committed suicide by riding his motorcycle into oncoming traffic.

John Crutchley: Geeky electronics whizz who liked to tie up his victims, cut them and drain their blood, which he’d later drink.

Frank Canonico: Offered an unusual motive for the murders he commited. He said that he only killed women who “treated him like a sex object.”

Charles Davis Jr.: Ambulance driver who called in the location of his victims’ bodies so that he could be dispatched to pick them up.

Ivan Hill: Trawled a 30-mile stretch of California State Route 60 looking for victims. Eight were murdered in just three months.

David Lucas: A Ripper-type killer, Lucas savagely stabbed and slashed his five victims to death. Currently on Death Row.

Charles Terry: A habitual sex offender, the 6’ 5” Terry has been linked by some experts to the Boston Strangler murders.

Danny Figueroa: A survivalist with a ‘Rambo’ obsession, Figueroa took to firing at strangers from sniper positions, killing four.

Wayne Garrison: A double murderer by the age of 14, Garrison served just four years of juvenile detention. Later in life, he would start killing again.

Bryan Jones: A psychopathic sex killer who had a habit of lighting his victims’ corpses on fire.

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50 American Serial Killers You've Probably Never Heard Of Vol.9

Robert Alston

 Between 1991 and 1994, the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, was plagued by a series of gruesome murders of young women. The victims were snatched from the street and driven to isolated locations where they were raped, strangled and, in some cases, dismembered. Body parts were then scattered, with little attempt at concealment, to be found by horrified passersby.

The first murder occurred in April 1991 when 23-year-old JoAnne Robinson’s naked body was found discarded on a sidewalk. An autopsy would show that she’d been raped and then throttled to death. Six months later, a utility crew was working in a wooded area near Jackson Middle School when they discovered the severed head and arm of 26-year-old Sharon Martin, who’d been reported missing weeks earlier.

At this point, the police did not connect the two homicides. But that would change seven months later with the discovery of yet another mutilated corpse. Nineteen-year-old Shameca Warren’s naked and decapitated body was discovered in a vacant lot, close to the site where JoAnne Robinson had earlier been found. It suggested to police that a serial killer might be at work in the area, but no sooner had they begun working on that theory than the killer dropped out of sight. He’d remain under the radar and apparently inactive until December 1993, when he re-emerged to snuff out the life of 41-year-old Lois Williams. This latest victim’s strangled corpse was found inside Piedmont Memorial Cemetery, although investigators did not at this point link it to the other homicides due to the lack of postmortem mutilations.

However, the police would not be left guessing for long. In January 1994, a woman stumbled into a Greensboro police station and reported that she had been kidnapped, raped and strangled, then left for dead under a bridge on Youngs Mill Road. According to the victim, she’d been walking along Martin Street in southeast Greensboro when a man in a dark blue car stopped and offered her a ride home. Instead, he drove her to Dudley High School where he raped and beat her, then choked her until she passed out. She’d woken under the bridge with such severe bruising to her throat that she’d been barely able to breathe. After clawing her way up the bank, she’d managed to flag down a passing motorist who brought her to the hospital.

To detectives listening to this story, the attack bore remarkable similarities to the series of murders they were currently investigating, the victim kidnapped, raped and strangled. In this case, however, the killer had slipped up in leaving his victim alive. Now she was shown a photo array of known sex offenders, and she unerringly pointed to one, the dreadlocked figure of 29-year-old Robert Sylvester Alston.

Arrested within a week, Alston would prove to be an unrepentant killer. After striking a deal to avoid the death penalty, he readily admitted to four murders, earning himself a sentence of life in prison without parole. But it was Alston’s attitude at trial that marked him out for the cold-hearted killer he is. The former dishwasher spent much of his time on the stand, taunting the grieving relatives of his victims, grinning broadly as he refused to reveal what he’d done with their body parts. “Only me and God will have those answers,” he smirked as he was led away to begin his life behind bars. Robert Alston remains a suspect in two similar murders committed in Greensboro during the same time period.  

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