Wednesday 11 November 2015

Serial Killers: Il Mostro (The Monster of Florence)

Number of victims: 16    

Date of murders: 1968 - 1985

Method of murder: Shooting / Stabbing    

Location: Florence, Italy   

Il Mostro, or the Monster of Florence, is an unidentified serial killer who appeared periodically between August 1968 and September 1985 to carry out a series of quite horrific murders. Sixteen victims would fall victim to this savage killer, all of them couples.

The Monster’s usual M.O. was to approach couples making out in parked cars. He would them shoot the male before attacking the the female, raping and killing her. Afterwards, he’d severely mutilate the woman’s corpse, sometimes carrying body parts from the scene. All of the murders were committed in and around Florence, Italy, with the same gun used in each one.

Il Mostro has proved to be to be an elusive quarry for the Italian police. During the decades long investigation, a number of suspects have been arrested, tried and even convicted of the murders, most notably, Stefano Mele, Pietro Pacciani, Mario Vanni, and Giancarlo Lotti. However, these convictions have generally been ridiculed by the media. They believe that the real killer is still out there and there is little reason to doubt them. 

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